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Tekmar 3100 Sample Concentrator
Tekmar 3100 Sample Concentrator

Reference : 10045


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Item#: 10045

Tekmar 3100 Sample Concentrator

Tekmar Condition: Refurbished

The 3100 Sample Concentrator purges volatiles from a solid or liquid matrix onto a sorbent trap. This trap is then rapidly heated and the analytes swept with GC carrier gas onto the GC column for separation and detection. Trap Pressure Control (TPC) exerts an adjustable pressure on the trap during the purge cycle, which results in the light gases condensing more readily on the adsorbent. The analytes do not travel as far into the adsorbent and are adsorbed in a tight band. This smaller band of analytes is transferred to the GC column resulting in sharper peaks.

The Tekmar 3100 can be interfaced to virtually any GC or GC/MS system. It can be used as a base instrument for controlling a complete selection of automatic samplers to meet the demands of a variety of laboratories.

This Tekmar 3100 Sample Concentrator comes fully refurbished and tested at GenTech Scientific.

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  • Sample path temperature uniformity
  • Flow Tuned Tubing (FTT)
  • AutoBake mode
  • Temperature range: Ambient to 420 degrees C
  • Trap: .123 x 12 inches
  • Moisture Control: Ambient to 320 degrees C
  • Method storage: up to 16 methods
  • Manual

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  • ONE (1) YEAR WARRANTY Available

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