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NEW Varian HS652 Smart Rotary Vane Pump
NEW Varian HS652 Smart Rotary Vane Pump

Reference : 10264


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NEW Varian HS652 Smart Rotary Vane Pump Maximize
Item#: 10264

NEW Varian HS652 Smart Rotary Vane Pump


The first rotary vane pumps with truly smart capabilities Varian’s HS652 rotary vane pumps employ an innovative frequency inverter technology that delivers optimal and consistent performance while encompassing the worldwide range of voltage and frequency conditions.

Operating with low power requirements, the microprocessor controlled frequency inverter, combined with a 3-phase motor, Is an efficient driving unit capable of delivering the high starting torque required of a dual-stage oil pump.

HS652 technology solves the common problems inherent in traditional single – phase motors. Smart Pumps start with inrush current about 7 times lower than that of equivalent traditional pumps. Unlike traditional pumps, Smart Pump’s software driven start up procedure recognizes faulty pumps within seconds, and so avoids uncontrolled load conditions. The result is very easy pump integration.

The 3-phase inverter output is constant and independent of single-phase input frequencies and voltages. Motor efficiency and power factors remain optimal and as a result motor and pump working temperatures remain low and constant worldwide. Smart Pumps can be remotely driven via discrete I/O or RS232 or RS485 interfaces.

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