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Agilent / HP 7673 Tray Parts

Agilent / HP 7673 Tray Parts

ImagePart NamePart NumberPrice
Arm Assembly18596-61000
Arm Core / Motor Assembly18596-60905
R-Motor Assembly18596-60600
ViewTheta-Flex Assembly18596-60040, 18596-60750
Belt Tension Assembly, 7673B18596-60875
Gripper Assembly w/ Rod, 7673B18596-61005
ViewInjector & Tray Mounting Bracket18597-00175, 18597-00135
ViewRadial Flex (R-Flex) Circuit18596-60038, 18596-60915
Sensor Board18596-60035
ViewTermination Board18596-60075
ViewTheta-motor Assembly18596-60595
Turret Assembly18596-60515

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Agilent / HP 7673 Tray Parts

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