HP 5890 Series II GC with FID & TCD


  • HP 5890 Series II GC
    • Packed and Split/Splitless Injectors
    • Flame Ionization Detector
    • Thermal Conductivity Detector
    • INET Communications installed on GC
  • Cables & Manuals
  • One (1) Year Warranty


  • Two (2) Year Warranty Available
  • Autosampler or Headspace
  • Alternative Detectors
  • GC Starter Kit
  • Workbench
  • Installation & Familiarization
  • Extended Warranty
  • HPIB Communications

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Item#: 10017
Condition: Refurbished
Manufacturer: Agilent Technologies

HP 5890 Series II GC with FID & TCD

The Hewlett Packard 5890 defined the absolute standard of gas chromatography for many laboratories around the world. A refurbished 5890 might be the answer to your needs to lower budgets and obtain high quality analyses.

Heated Devices

  • Five heated zones standard: Two detectors, Two inlets, one auxiliary
  • Methods stored: Two

Split/Splitless Capillary

  • Range to 400℃ in 1℃ increments
  • Back-pressure design permits independent adjustment of split flow rate without affecting column flow
  • Septum purge built in at 3 ml/min
  • Accepts columns up to 1.2-mm od
  • Multimode design includes split and splitless injection
  • Splitless purge time variable in 0.01-min elements

Flame Ionization Detector

  • Range to 450℃
  • Grounded jet and current limited design for operator safety
  • Push-button flame ignition
  • Sensitive: 
    > 18 mCoul/gm carbon: nitrogen carrier, 0.018-in. id jet
    > 15 mCoul/gm carbon: helium carrier, 0.018-in. id jet
    > 22mCoul/gm carbon: nitrogen carrier, 0.018-in. id capillary jet
    > 18 mCoul/gm carbon: helium carrier, 0.018-in. id capillary jet
  • Minimum detectable: <5 pg carbon/sec, nitrogen carrier at S/N=2
  • Linear dynamic range: <+/- 10% over a 10 7 range with 0.018-in. id jet
  • Conditions: column flow 50 ml/min, 45 ml/min H2, 650 ml/min air, propane sample

Thermal Conductivity Detector

  • Range to 400 ℃
  • Single-filament (single column) design has fluidic switching of reference and analytical carrier flows
  • Minimum detectable :400 pg/ml carrier -- equivalent to 1 pmm neon in 1 ml air
  • Linear dynamic range:+/- 5% over 105 range
  • Digital gain setting time-programmable through the keyboard Conditions: detector
  • 100 ℃, 45 ml/min switching and 30 ml/min analytical flow of helium, propane sample

This HP 5890 Series II GC with FID and TCD comes fully refurbished and tested at GenTech Scientific.

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HP 5890 Series II GC with FID & TCD

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