Agilent 7820A GC with 7693 Autosampler


  • Agilent 7820A GC
    • Dual Split/Splitless Inet w/ EPC
    • Dual FID detectors w/ EPC
  • G2070 Data System
  • Cables and Manuals
  • Agilent 7693 Autosampler w/ 16 Position Sample Tray
  • One (1) Year Warranty


  • Installation & Familiarization

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Item#: 11351
Model: 7820A
Condition: Refurbished
Manufacturer: Agilent Technologies

Agilent 7820A GC with 7693 Autosampler

The 7820A GC offers performance you can depend on for all your routine analyses: outstanding sensitivity, reproducibility, accuracy, and precision. It is the ideal size for small-medium sized labs. The 7820A GC has fast access to sequence information, instrument conditions, and run status. The 7820A is designed for simplified routine analysis, minimizing training needs.


  • Full electronic pneumatics control (EPC) is available for all inlets and detectors, ensuring excellent reproducibility,as well as reliable accuracy and precision
  • Easy to learn and use – supports OpenLAB CDS and EzChrom Elite Compact software
  • The simplified GC front panel keys and display provide sequence information, instrument conditions, and run status, and minimize operating errors
  • Supports 16-sample automatic liquid sampler (not the 150-vial tray) and 50-sample automatic liquid sampler.
  • Optimized performance for everyday productivity and for all routine applications, including those that must comply with regulatory requirements 
  • Complementary software keyboard and display allows the user to control the system when it connects with an integrator or 3rd-party software
  • Retention time repeatability: 0.06%  
  • Peak area repeatability: 2%
  • Power Requirements: 100 V, 120 V, 200 V, 220 V, 230 V, 240 V   
  • Frequency: 47.5~63 Hz 1500 W (max) at 100 V, 2250 W (max) at all other voltages.
  • Column Oven  
  • Dimensions: 28.0 x 30.5 x 16.5 cm  

7693 Autosampler Features:

  • Dual simultaneous injection saves time by doubling sample throughput
  • Fast injection technology minimizes needle discrimination and sample degradation
  • 16 position sample tray 
  • Perform single-stroke injection of up to 50 µL using a 100 µL syringe; multiple injections are possible depending on your needs
  • Eliminate analyst-to-analyst variability and reduce rework using powerful sample preparation capabilities, including dilution, internal standard addition, heating, mixing, and solvent addition
  • Modular design allows the flexibility to easily move the sampler from GC to GC or start with a single injector and add on to the system as needed


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Agilent 7820A GC with 7693 Autosampler

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