Agilent 1260 Infinity II HPLC with Binary & DAD


  • Agilent 1260 Infinity II HPLC
    • 1260 Solvent Tray
    • 1260 Binary Pump (G7112B)
    • 1260 Vialsampler (G7129A)
      • Injections for up to 600 bar
    • 1260 Diode Array Detector (DAD WR) (G7115A)
  • In-House Warranty Coverage


  • Data System
  • Workbench – Browse
  • Module Customization
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Item#: 11987
Model: 1260 Infinity
Condition: Refurbished
Manufacturer: Agilent Technologies

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Agilent 1260 Infinity II HPLC with Binary & DAD

The Agilent 1260 Infinity II Binary LC offers the most flexibility for solvent selection and automation in HPLC method development, research and all HPLC applications requiring continuous access to a wide range of solvent choices. 

Binary Pump Features:

  • Configurable delay volume – from standard down to 120 µL with a flow range up to 5 mL/min for universal applicability
  • High gradient performance – at narrow-bore flow rates and even at low percentages of organic solvent
  • Integrated two-channel degasser – the low internal volume facilitates fast switching of solvents for purging and priming
  • Fast and precise gradients – ideal for both LC/UV and LC/MS systems
  • Fully exploits the speed and separation potential of Poroshell

DAD Features:

  • Fast data acquisition - full spectral data acquisition rate of 120 Hz increases resolution and delivers fast, highly sensitive peak purity analysis and spectral confirmation – at trace levels.
  • Highest sensitivity - dual-lamp design allows analysis of wavelengths between190 to 950 nm.
  • Simultaneous data acquisition - The diode array design enables simultaneous acquisition of up to eight compound-specific wavelengths for increased sensitivity and selectivity.
  • Rapid optimization of sensitivity, linearity and spectral resolution-programmable slit (1 to 16 nm) provides optimum incident light conditions.
  • Eliminates background interference- with reference wavelengths.
  • Minimized short-term noise (< ± 7 µAU ASTM) - low noise front-end electronics and special flow cell design deliver the lowest detection limits.
  • Maximum flexibility, compatibility and investment protection – with a range of 12 analytical, preparative and SFC flow cells

Vial Sampler Features:

  • High capacity - up to 132 vials (2 mL) or up to 36 vials (6 mL).
  • Reliable injections - 0.1 to 100 µL injections for up to 600 bar
  • Easy volume extensions- for injection volumes up to 1,500 µL (G7129A)
  • Lowest carryover
  • Low internal volume - for minimum contribution to a system's total internal volume, which can be even further reduced using bypass mode.
  • Increased productivity - with overlapped injections.
  • Customizable injection program - available for customizing advanced injections as well as for sample preparation steps upfront injection.

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Agilent 1260 Infinity II HPLC with Binary & DAD

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