Environmental Water Analysis GC/MS with Autosampler

Two Year Warranty Available

Manufacturer: Agilent Technologies


  • Agilent 5973 MSD with 6890 GC
    • EI Source
    • HPIB Communications
    • Mass range of 1.6-800 amu
    • Single Split/Splitless injector
    • Electronic Pressure Control (EPC)
    • G1701 Data System
    • 110v Diffusion pump
    • Roughing pump
    • Ninety (90) Day Warranty
  • NEW Automatic Liquid Sampler (HT3200A)
    • 209 position sample (121 & 88 racks) for 2ml vials
    • Starter Kit: sample vials, caps, septa (10pcs)
    • Solvent & Waste vial Kit: Vials, Caps, Septa (1set)
    • GC Mounting Kit & Cables
    • Autosampler Manager Software
    • Preventative Maintenance Kit - Link
    • User Manual
    • Fifteen (15) Month Warranty


  • Two (2) Year Warranty Available
  • Installation & Familiarization
  • Flame Ionization Detector (FID)
  • High Performance Turbo Pump
  • Mass Spec Workbench with Vacuum Pump Noise Enclosure

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Item#: 11577c
Model: 5973, 6890
Condition: Refurbished

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Environmental Water Analysis GC/MS with Autosampler

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Environmental Water Analysis GC/MS with Autosampler

For environmental labs looking for an all-in-one GC/MS package to handle their water testing needs, the Agilent 5973N benchtop mass spectrometer with 6890 gas chromatograph and autosampler is a perfect fit. This system is the workhorse of the mass spec, easily handling environmental water analysis. 

Accurate, reproducible quantitation. Fast scan speed and a response that is linear over 4 orders of magnitude assure accurate, reproducible quantitation, even in complex sample matrices such as wastewater, food, and physiological fluids. The programmable temperature vaporization (PTV) inlet offered with the HP 6890 Series GC expands the limits of GC/MS detection by allowing large-volume injections, up to 1 mL.

Productive, time-saving tools. The HP MSD Productivity ChemStation software automates routine instrument control and data interpretation tasks for high productivity. Moreover, the system can be completely automated, from injection through final report, for unattended operation, 24 hours a day.


  • Mass range: Scans any mass range between 1.6 - 800 amu in 0.1-amu steps.
  • Dynamic range: Linear Dynamic Range: Calibration curves are linear over 4 orders of magnitude. Total ADC dynamic range is 6 orders of magnitude.
  • Full scan sensitivity - electron impact ionization: 1 pg of octafluoronaphthalene shall yield a signal-to-noise ratio of at least 10:1 RMS.
  • Selected ion monitoring (SIM) sensitivity - electron impact ionization: 20 fg of octafluoronaphthalene shall yield a signal-to-noise ratio of at least 10:1 RMS when 272 m/z is monitored.


  • EI Source
  • MS features a mass range of 10-800 amu
  • Heated Source and Transferline
  • Heated Hyperbolic Quadrupole Mass Filter
  • High-Energy Dynode (HED) Electron Multiplier Detector

NEW Automatic Liquid Sampler for GC Systems - 209 Positions

Due to its 209 2mL sample vials, the Liquid GC Autosampler is setting a new standard in the market. Samples are organized in two racks that can be easily removed for sample loading or preparation, or to be stored elsewhere. An integrated Bar Code Reader can be available with every Liquid GC Autosampler unit, offering full and detailed sample tracking. The Liquid GC Autosampler features the innovative SyringeID, a proprietary technology based on RFID tags. The SyringeID is able to identify syringes in an univocal way; thereby preventing errors when mounting a syringe, preventing syringe volume mismatching and keeps track of the syringe consumption (preventive maintenance counters). The SyringeID system is able to provide you with a level of confidence never previously achieved by identification systems based on syringe carriers.

It can be configured to serve up to two injectors in most supported GCs. The rotating tower leaves the injector port free for manual injection or maintenance. In addition to avoiding any complicated sample vial transfer procedures, this approach keeps the samples away from any heated source. In fact, the sample rack is mounted away from the GC oven to prevent exposure to high temperatures, which could cause degradation or condensation in the sample vial. The self-aligning “plug and play” Liquid GC Autosampler mounts in seconds, without tools. It can be easily moved between GCs when workloads change, due to its easy positioning, repositioning and easy removal.


  • 209 position sample (121 & 88 racks) for 2ml vials
  • Syringe volume: 10μl
  • Sample volume: as low as step of 0.1μl
  • Air volume: as low as step of 0.1μl
  • Filling speed: 1-100μl/sec
  • Viscosity delay: 0-15s
  • Bubble elimination: up to 15 pull up strokes
  • LAN and TTL electrical control
  • Touch Screen
  • Comparable to Agilent
  • Easy to use