HPLC with FLD for Environmental Testing


  • Agilent 1100 LC System
    • 1100 Solvent Tray
    • 1100 Vacuum Degasser
    • 1100 Quaternary Pump
    • 1100 Autosampler with 100 position tray for 2 ml vials
    • 1100 Fluorescence Detector (FLD)
    • G2170 Data System
    • HPIB cables and CAN cables
  • Manuals
  • One (1) Year In-House Warranty


  • Two (2) Year In-House Warranty Available
  • Installation & Familiarization

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Item#: 10083a
Condition: Refurbished
Manufacturer: Agilent Technologies

HPLC with FLD for Environmental Testing

The Agilent 1100 HPLC with FLD is a useful tool for Environmental Monitoring and Assessment. 

The 1100 Series fluorescence detector brings high-sensitivity fluorescence detection to your lab. This easy-to-use detector provides quantitative data and fluorescence spectra from a single run. Simultaneous multi-wavelength detection improves sensitivity and selectivity. Use the spectral information for rapid method optimization and verification of separation quality.

FLD Features:

Simultaneous multi-wavelength detection for improved selectivity and sensitivity - Monochromators work in signal or spectral mode and are synchronized with the flash light to allow for detection at up to 4 excitation or emission wavelengths.

Explore the spectral landscape for method optimization or peak confirmation - View online spectra without interrupting your chromatography. Get your quantitative results and save all spectral data for post-run spectral analysis with the 3D ChemStation.

This Agilent/HP 1100 FLD and Quaternary Pump System comes fully tested and refurbished at GenTech Scientific.

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HPLC with FLD for Environmental Testing

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