Forensic Screening and Confirmation Analysis TOF-MS


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Item#: 11218a
Condition: Tested
Manufacturer: Waters

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Forensic Screening and Confirmation Analysis TOF-MS

The Waters LCT Premier XE orthogonal acceleration time-of-flight (oa-TOF), benchtop is a market leading mass spectrometer for LC Applications.

The LCT Premier XE's high sensitivity Z-Spray ion source, ion transfer optics and TOF analyzer provides the most sensitive benchtop oa-TOF instrument in its class, giving capability of detecting very low level components with full spectral information. Enhanced resolution (up to 15,000 FWHM over 30,000 m/z) spectral data provides the capability of high accuracy exact mass measurements providing improved data specificity through elemental composition calculations resulting in an increased confidence in your data. For challenging and complex samples, the rapid spectral acquisition rate and wide dynamic range provide optimized detection capabilities making it the ideal MS instrument for qualitative applications.

The Waters LCT Premier XE provides a powerful platform for MS analyses, upon which total system solutions may be designed to maximize data quality for your application. Its small footprint sits easily on your laboratory benchtop and is optimized for simplified fluidic connections to your LC system. When combined with ACQUITY UPLC, the LCT Premier XE provides optimized full spectral MS detection for UPLC separations, providing unsurpassed speed sensitivity and resolution for high throughput applications


  • Resolution: up to 15,000 FWHM over 30,000 m/z                               
  • Mass Accuracy: < 3 mDa
  • High sensitivity Z-Spray ion source
  • Wide dynamic range

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Forensic Screening and Confirmation Analysis TOF-MS

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