Shimadzu Cannabis Analyzer


  • Shimadzu 8050CL MS
    • ESI Probe 
    • Mass Accuracy 30,000 u/sec
    • Mass Range m/z 2 to 2,000
  • Shimadzu 20A Front End
    • SCL-10AVP system controller
    • Two DGU-20A Degassers
    • Two LC-20AD Pumps
    • SIL-20AC Autosampler
    • CTO 20A Column Oven
  • Lab Solutions Data System
  • Mechanical Pump
  • Ninety (90) Day Warranty


  • Battery Back-up
  • MS Workbench
  • Installation & Familiarization
  • Extended Warranty

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Item#: 11628d
Model: 8050
Condition: Refurbished
Manufacturer: Shimadzu

Shimadzu Cannabis Analyzer

GenTech's refurbished Shimadzu Cannabis Analyzer can be used to test for Pesticides (Category I & II), Herbicides, Potency and Cannabinoid Characterization. 

The LC/MS/MS 8050 is capable of simultaneously obtaining both qualitative and quantitative information in a single analysis. Acquisition occurs so rapidly that MS/MS scans and MRM measurements can be performed concurrently while maintaining quantitative accuracy. MS/MS scans are usable and reliable because even at 30,000 u/sec, Shimadzu uses a 0.1 u scan step.


  • High-sensitivity quantitation delivered at high speed
  • Multi-component analysis performed more rapidly
  • Simultaneous qualitative and quantitative analyses
  • Resolution: R < 0.7 u FWHM
  • Scan Speed: Max 30,000 u/sec

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Shimadzu Cannabis Analyzer

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