Customer Feedback

Your sincere demeanor and your wonderful-to-talk-to personality helped me feel at ease especially during this challenging time of establishing my independent career as a principal investigator. The research that this equipment will support is directly related to fulfilling my research lab's mission to benefit human health and train the next generation of biomedical researchers. Your help in this process is also allowing me to fulfill my institution's drive to achieve tier one status.

I am sincerely grateful to you and GenTech Scientific for helping me meet my research goals. Out of all of the other companies I have contacted, I have never been met with such kindness, thoroughness, promptness, and emotional support.


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The customer service and responsiveness of GenTech's technical and sales staff is top notch. The team at GenTech is quick to resolve all problems that might come up in delivery, service, install or technical questions. We received a ABSciex Qtrap 3200 from another company that would not complete all the manufacturers tune criteria and within 2 weeks we had a replacement on site to move forward with validation process. First rate business group to work with.


I would like to express my sincere thanks to you for recent on-site repair of our two LC/MS systems: TSQ and LCQ Dec. GenTech's commitment to fix the instruments really impressed me. The on-site technician worked very hard and re-scheduled the return flight to make sure both instruments were fully functional before his return. The technician also went extra steps to teach our students how to use and maintain the instruments properly. Moreover, I really appreciate your thoughtful consideration of our budget restrain and helping us repair the instruments within our budget. I am impressed by your after-market service. In fact, it was GenTech's impressive after-market service that helped us decide to purchase TSQ from GenTech in 2012 after we bought LCQ Dec from GenTech in 2008. Whenever we ran into a problem with the instruments, GenTech technicians would be very patient to assist us through phone or other means. I hope GenTech will continue this customer friendly after-market service since the service is crucial in winning customers.

Again, my thanks to you and GenTech for the great service!


As a growing analytical company in a price-competitive landscape, GenTech has been a key to our business, helping us source and service our analytical instruments. They have proven to be a dependable partner for our fast-growing company over the life of our company.


I just wanted to say thanks again. The condition of this item was excellent. Your help with the packing and logistics was fantastic. It was a pleasure to work with your team. I hope we can do business with you again. Many thanks from a very satisfied customer.


Thank you for the very generous gift of a UV-VIS RS 2502 Spectrophotometer. It has already been put to heavy use by our limnology and molecular biology techniques courses. Next semester it will be put through its paces in microbiology and other courses. The faculty and students of Clarkson Biology are very grateful for the thoughtfulness of you and GenTech Scientific Inc.

T. L., Potsdam, NY

I want to personally thank you for your gift of a Parker Trigas Generator.  Your support of his research is very important to us and to the many students who work in his lab.  We are in the midst of some exciting changes.  The University has become one of the top institutions in Texas and is on the path to becoming one of the best in the country.  For our programs to continue to develop and to provide a first-rate education to our students, there are many financial needs.  The state is providing less funding, while costs continue to rise rapidly.  Students cannot support the entire financial burden, so we must rely on the generosity of friends and community members like you who know the value of an education.  Again, thank you for your support.

B.N., Richardson, TX

I have worked with many used and refurbished instrumentation companies over the years, and GenTech Scientific stands out due to their great customer service, and fast response times. Their sales team is not pushy, and takes the time to ensure that the correct instrument is being purchased for its intended use. We recently purchased a high-end LCMS system from GenTech and not only did they come in much lower in price than the competition, but they were able to ship it out to us faster than most other companies take to acknowledge an order. The instrument arrived well packaged and protected with all components necessary for full functionality. The Installation engineer was very knowledgeable about the product, and went the extra mile to ensure that we had all of our questions answered. GenTech will be our go-to refurbished instrument provider from now on.


My name is Wei. I am a research scientist at California Department of Public Health. When I worked at UC Davis Genome Center as an assistant project scientist, My previous supervisor and I already started buying pre-owned instruments from Gentech. I have been doing so in my new position. I like Gentech because it has a large inventory, provides competitive price, and most importantly, offers great service. I will continue buying more from Gentech. Enough said.


…We at Metaloids are very satisfied with your products and service. Your first instrument to Metaloids transitioned the company from pilot startup to commercial producer and is still working well! We look forward to expanding our setup here with a GenTech mass spectrometer in the Fall.

M. T.

We purchased a refurbished (used) GC-MS from a company called GenTech and are very happy with it.  We got a full GC-MS system (HP 5971) with auto sampler for about 25K. Our system also contains a MS library (about 100,00 samples) that can be used to give us an indication of what is coming off the column. We usually use the auto sampler but we also let students use it with supervision.


I do have tech support for it and once in a while we need a trained technician (from GenTech) to do yearly maintenance on it... it might be good to have a warranty as it does need some high level work once in a while. Overall we mainly use or GC-MS to analyze volatile compounds from mixtures (mainly we analyze biodiesel that the students make.) The NMR was also a good buy from Anisazi we ended up getting a pretty good magnet that has been very consistent.  This once in a while will need some high tech help but over all its very user friendly to the students (they use this on their own with no problems).


It's always a pleasure doing business with GenTech. You are always available when we need help and extremely responsive. We appreciate the great customer service you offer and look forward to working with you in the future.

M.D. Simi Valley, CA

I can not thank you and your company enough for helping us with good used HLPC components.  Your timeliness, price and quality is simply excellent.

I have come to rely on GenTech for assistance when we are in distress.

F.S. New London, CT

GenTech has helped us grow to where we are now.  When I started here in 2003 we had 3 GC's and 1 Mass Spec that occasionally worked.  I was tasked to find a place to help us with our instrument needs.  Gentech was that place.  we now have 28 GC's and 4 mass specs in Louisiana and 4 GC's and 2 Mass specs in Florida.  All of the mass specs have been refurbished at GenTech and a few of the GC's as well.  We have bought countless parts from Gentech.  Gentech has helped make us grow where we are now and continues to provide service and instruments for our continued growth.  Thank everybody at GenTech for me.  We appreciate all yall (the southern version) youse guys (the yankee version) have done for us.

Thank for all you do!!!!!

N. G. Oakdale, Louisiana

This was excellent advice!!!  After going through the procedure you outlined below, both quads tuned beautifully.  One thing I don't get though, is when we went through the RF tune Q3 passed and Q1 and Q2 failed.  This seemed totally backwards to me, since Q1 previously and Q3 didn't.  We reversed polarity on Q3 to obtain maximum signal with the cal gas on.  Is there some simple way to explain (to a dumb chemist) the effect of RF polarity on the quads?  If not, don't worry about it, I'll just take it on faith.

Thanks again so much and don't forget … about a quote for our power supply board repair.

J. G. Barletsville, Oklahoma

I just re-booted everything, and it is working.  Go figure.

I'll let you know if it gets attitude with me again.  By the way, I am up and running with the manual SPME, and it is going well.  My trick is to pierce the sample vial with a needle prior to inserting the fiber, that way I don't bend the fiber.

I did end up going to Italy for some training, but it turns out the method you helped us set up got better results than the lab in Italy was getting, so I actually went through everything you taught us and they changed their methods.  Nothing like a free trip!

A. M. Kalamazoo, Michigan

I like your thinking about approaching my boss for a raise – ha!  Your quote also helps me justify buying the PM parts I need.  As long as what I do costs under $4000, management says “yes”.  In the past (before I was here), the guy that ran the GC (5890) just ran it until there was a problem.  He never shut it down for any sort of preventative maintenance.  The motto was, “If it ain't broke, don't fix it”.  It is taking management a while to learn that it is not a good way to operate.

I cannot thank you enough for all your support and advice from afar.  I have learned so much in the two years I have been here, and my confidence is growing as learn more and more about the GC…  Again, for my boss to spend that money was a miracle, but I had to beg him and say that basically the 6890 is a boat anchor unless someone comes in to help me because I could not figure it out.  So that's probably more than you ever wanted to know…  I just wanted to say that I appreciate you!

Have a blessed Christmas!

A. K. Boerne, Texas

THANK YOU !!!  i cannot tell you how much of a help this is.  I have been on the phone with several “fastener” companies trying to get this stuff ordered.  Thanks again for all your help and assistance.

D. R.

Thank you for the information about disconnecting the fan.  We did that and the gc seems to be working just fine without it.  It is rare to find this level of customer service nowadays.  We will certainly keep GenTech in mind for any future parts or gc purchases.

T. K. Danbury, Connecticut

"It has been a pleasure dealing with you. Thanks too, for your patience and understanding..." 

E.N. Harcourt, Nigeria

Thank you so much for sending Lee.  He did a fantastic job.  The system is up and running.

Thanks again.  We will need you for the maintenance contract after the first year.

D. N. Wilmington, Massachusetts

Completed setup trials and an autoinjector run. Instrument excellent! I have had a bit of flack from colleagues for buying second hand, but you have come up trumps for me….

Thank you for your excellent service. I know that we will be doing more business in the future. A precedent has been set!

Please pass on my appreciation to all your staff involved. I look forward to purchasing more from you in the future.


Thank you very much for all of your efforts. You are a professional and it's a pleasure to working with you. There is a good possibility that a new project will soon be funded and I am confident our future purchases will be through GenTech.

We have used GenTech instruments before and have been impressed, we have had less luck with other companies.


It gives me great pleasure to report that Mr. Jaywant has successfully completed the assignment in Jordon.

It has been a wonderful experience working with your company.


The instrument arrived in excellent condition, very well packed, I might add. We have set up the device and tested it. It works great.

This was a very smooth transaction and we are very pleased with the autosampler. I want to thank you for your assistance and quick response to my email queries earlier. I will highly recommend your services to my colleagues.