JEOL JSM-5610LV Scanning Electron Microscope

Manufacturer: JEOL


  • Complete and Working JEOL JSM-5610LV
  • JEOL Anti-Vibration Device (PN: MP56100 LBU)
  • Variable Transformer (2510 CT)
    • 120 VAC
  • Power Supply
  • Cables and manuals
  • Onboard computer for control
  • Infrared chamberscope with monitor
  • Ninety (90) Day Warranty

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Item#: 11379
Condition: Used

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JEOL JSM-5610LV Scanning Electron Microscope

The JEOL JSM-5610LV is an SEM that can operate in low vacuum (LV) mode, which is ideal for observing and analyzing specimens that have not been coated with a conductive carbon or gold layer using a sputter-coater. This means that a greater range of materials can be examined on this SEM, for instance non-conductive materials such as composites, polymers and ceramics, without the need for pre-treatment.


High vacuum mode (HV)

  • Resolution (SEI, accelerating voltage 30 kV, WD 6mm): 5.0 nm
  • Magnification: 25x to 300,000x
  • Image modes: SEI, BEI
  • Probe current: 1pA to 1uA

Low vacuum mode (LV)

  • Resolution (BEI, Accelerating voltage 30 kV, WD 8 mm): 10 nm
  • Chamber pressure: 10 to 270 Pa
  • Lowest pressure: 1Pa
  • Image mode: Three kinds of BEI (Composition image, Topographic image and Shaded image)

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