Varian CP-8400 100 Vial Tray Autosampler


  • Varian CP-8400 Autosampler
    • 100 Vial Tray 
  • Thirty (30) Day Warranty


  • Installation & Familiarization 
  • Varian 3800 GC (no detectors) for additional cost 

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Item#: 11445
Condition: Refurbished
Manufacturer: Varian

Varian CP-8400 100 Vial Tray Autosampler

  • Versatile Introduction Methods and Injection Modes. Liquid, headspace, and SPME (solid phase micro-extraction) injections are all possible. Choose from five pre-set liquid injection modes, or define custom injection parameters.
  • Reliability. A unique injector nut and simple carousels, combined with rugged construction, assure continuous operation.
  • Flexibility. The single syringe tower automatically accesses two independent injectors -- allowing dual and duplicate sample injections.
  • Easy Maintenance. Accomplish routine injector maintenance, such as septum and insert replacements, without removing the autosampler.
  • Productivity. Many applications handled by expensive, dedicated purge and trap, or static headspace equipment can be done with SPME.

The Varian CP-8400 AS is a 100 vial capacity AutoSampler, designed to be used with the CP-3800 GC.  Preprogrammed with several injection modes (Standard On-Column, Standard Split/Splitless, Viscous, Volatile, and Neat) that are optimized for most common types of samples.  The SPME mode requires different hardware (optional) and is selected through a switch on the Auto Sampler’s syringe carriage.

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Varian CP-8400 100 Vial Tray Autosampler

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