FID Maintenance Kit for Agilent GCs Maximize

FID Maintenance Kit for Agilent GCs


  • 1/4-inch, 0.4, 0.5, and 0.8mm ID graphite ferrules
  • FID/NPD capillary adaptor
  • Capillary nuts
  • Jet reamers/ferrule removers
  • 1/4-inch nut
  • Scoring wafer
  • Capillary column caps
  • Ignitor for either Agilent 5890 or 6890/6850 GCs
  • FID flow measuring adaptor
  • 1/4- x 5/16-inch wrench
  • Installation gauge
  • Wire cleaning brush
  • High-performance Siltek treated FID jet for either Agilent 5890 (adaptable jet) or 6890/6850 (dedicated jet) GCs
  • 1/4-inch nut driver for jet removal.
  • Ninety (90) Day Warranty
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Item#: 10073
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Manufacturer: Restek

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FID Maintenance Kit for Agilent GCs

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