Agilent 6890/5975 GC/MS with Tekmar 3000 P&T and Archon 4552 Autosampler

Two Year Warranty Available


  • Agilent 5975 Inert MSD
    • Heated Transfer Line
    • Mass range 10-650 amu
    • High Performance Turbo Pump
    • LAN Communication
    • EI Source
  • Agilent 6890 Plus GC
    • S/S Inlet with EPC
    • LAN Communication
  • Tekmar 3000 Purge & Trap 
  • OI 4552 Archon Purge & Trap Water & Soil Autosampler
    • 51 position sample tray
    • Set up for water and soil samples
  • G1701 Data System
  • Mechanical pump
  • Cables & Manuals
  • Ninety (90) Day Warranty


  • Two (2) Year Warranty Available
  • Installation & Familiarization

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Item#: 11703
Model: 6890, 5975
Condition: Refurbished
Manufacturer: Agilent Technologies

Agilent 6890/5975 GC/MS with Tekmar 3000 P&T and Archon 4552 Autosampler

The Agilent 6890 GC features electronic pneumatic control of all gas pressures and flows. On-board sensors automatically compensate for ambient temperature changes and barometric pressure differences to routinely achieve more accurate and reproducible results.

  • Mass range 10-650 amu
  • Ambient temperature +4 ℃ to 450 
  • Temperature set point resolution: 1 

The Agilent 5975 MSD with the 6890 GC is a high performance, full-featured system optimized for complex EI analyses. This systems come fully refurbished and tested at GenTech Scientific

The Tekmar 3000 Purge & Trap Concentrator purges volatiles from water or soil onto a sorbent trap. This trap is then rapidly heated and the analytes swept with GC carrier gas onto the GC column for separation and detection. The 3000 Series performs environmental analyses with strict adherence to US EPA protocols. 

OI 4552 Water Autosampler

  • 51 station sample tray
  • Least sample carryover with the highest reliability
  • Unique hot water rinse system
  • Precise, low-useage dual programmable internal and matrix spike standard addition
  • High temperature limits, up to 250°C
  • Multiple method sequences per sample or sample tray
  • Cyclone Water Management system removes >96% of water during the thermal desorb step allowing analysis of polar compounds
  • Foam Sensor and Foam Buster detect the presence of foam and disrupt it during the purge step to prevent system contamination
  • Sparge Overfill Sensor (SOS) prevents overfilling of the sparge vessel and system flooding
  • Infra-Sparge Sample Heater ensures consistent sparge vessel temperature conditions for improved compound recoveries and %RSDs
  • Color touchscreen with Windows CE software interface

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Agilent 6890/5975 GC/MS with Tekmar 3000 P&T and Archon 4552 Autosampler

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