Agilent 5972 Series GC/MSD with Tekmar Velocity

Two Year Warranty Available


  • HP 5972 MSD
    • EI source
    • Diffusion pump
  • Tekmar Velocity Sample Concentrator
  • HP 5890 II GC
    • S/S inlet
  • G1701 Data System
  • Mechanical Vacuum Pump
  • Ninety (90) Day Warranty


  • Two (2) Year Warranty Available
  • Installation & Familiarization

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Item#: 11063
Condition: Refurbished
Manufacturer: Agilent Technologies

Agilent 5972 Series GC/MSD with Tekmar Velocity

The Agilent/HP 5972 MSD is designed for use with the HP 5890 Series II Gas Chromatograph. This model is equipped with a stand-alone capillary Gas Chromatograph detector to enhance procedure performance in every use.

The 5972 Mass Selective Detector (MSD) combines the features of gas-liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry to identify different substances of a test sample. This MSD comes equipped with a monolithic hyperbolic quartz quadrupole mass filter, a quick-change electron multiplier, a high efficiency electron impact ion source, and a high-reliability vacuum system. The HP 5972 system features new drive electronics with a second generation MS control card or the Smart Card II.

The Tekmar Velocity Sample Concentrator cleans up each sample of impurities in the sample for a better end result.  The HP 5972 system with the Tekmar Velocity Sample Concentrator enables a cleaner test result of the sample.

The HP 5972 system with Tekmar Velocity Sample Concentrator enables quicker testing of multiple samples with little need to handle each sample.

HP/Agilent 5890 Series II Features:

Heated Devices 

  • Five heated zones standard: Two detectors, Two inlets, one auxiliary
  • Methods stored: Two

Split/Splitless Capillary 

  • Range to 400℃ in 1℃ increments
  • Back-pressure design permits independent adjustment of split flow rate without affecting column flow
  • Septum purge built in at 3 ml/min
  • Accepts columns up to 1.2-mm od
  • Multimode design includes split and splitless injection
  • Splitless purge time variable in 0.01-min elements

HP/Agilent 5972 Features:

  • Heat dissipation
  • Temperature control
  • 10-650 amu Mass Range

Tekmar Velocity Sample Concentrator Features:

  • Cuts sample time nearly in half
  • Independently control flow rate during all modes
  • Highest resolution chromatography and superior peak shape for early eluting gases
  • Automatic leak check
  • Electronic pressure monitor

This used GC/MSD system comes fully tested and refurbished.

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Agilent 5972 Series GC/MSD with Tekmar Velocity

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