DataApex Clarity Lite Software


  • Clarity Lite Software
  • Colibrick USB 2 channel A to D converter
  • Manual
  • Generic Cables
  • Three (3) Year Warranty

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Item#: 10160
Condition: New
Manufacturer: DataApex

DataApex Clarity Lite Software

The Clarity Lite chromatography station is designed to acquire and evaluate data from any commercially available chromatograph with standard analog output using one A/D converter.  With its reduced set of functions Clarity Lite is an inexpensive solution for a non-regulated environment.  Clarity Lite can be easily upgraded at a later date.


  • Integration – The chromatogram can be changed by entering global parameters or interactively, through the direct graphical modification of the baseline.
  • Overlay – Simultaneously displays a virtually unlimited number of chromatograms and their mathematical modification.
  • Calibration – Internal and external standard calculation methods, calibration of groups of peaks and reference peaks method for better identification.
  • Automated measuring support – Sequence tables for any set of samples with or without an autosampler.
  • Postrun – Automatically displays, prints, exports and starts other programs after completion of measurement.
  • Summary result tables – Displays and prints selected results from all simultaneously displayed chromatograms.
  • User settings – User selects parameters for peak display and the specification for axes, including colour from an extensive array of colour settings.
  • Export – Optional exportation of all results with or without the chromatogram, in various formats, into a file or clipboard.
  • Import – Imports chromatograms or mathematical curves, which have been saved in text or AIA formats, from other programs.
  • Method and calibration history – Each chromatogram can easily be displayed under the same conditions as when it was printed, exported or saved.

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