Agilent 720 ICP-OES with Autosampler

Manufacturer: Agilent Technologies


  • Agilent 720 ICP-OES
    • Axial Torch
    • CCD Detector
    • Nebulizer is controlled by software
  • Agilent SPS 3 Autosampler
  • ICP Expert II Data System
  • Chiller
  • Cables and Manuals
  • Ninety (90) Day Warranty


  • Installation & Familiarization
  • Six (6) Month Warranty

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Item#: 11582
Condition: Refurbished

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Agilent 720 ICP-OES with Autosampler

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Agilent 720 ICP-OES with Autosampler

The Agilent 720 series features a custom-designed and patented CCD detector, delivering the highest performing most flexible, and fastest ICP-OES platform. The 720 has an upgraded CCV detector as well as improved optics compared to the 710. Instruments are custom configurable with a wide range of performance enhancing options to provide unmatched productivity. Agilent’s 720 horizontally-oriented, axially-viewed plasma provides excellent sensitivity for trace-level determinations and the flexibility to handle major levels. The robust plasma is able to analyze a wide variety of sample matrices while still delivering the best detection limits.


  • Full wavelength coverage
  • The CCD detector and optimized optical design give excellent signal-to-noise performance, ensuring low detection limits.
  • Maximum productivity: superior CCD detector design
  • High performance: delivers ultra-low detection limits
  • Ultimate precision: true simultaneous measurement
  • Choice of configurations: axial or radial systems and a variety of sample introduction options to meet your application requirements


  • Between 2 and 15 minutes for detection
  • Multiple samples, multiple tests/sample per run
  • 95-32 samples every 2 hours
  • The system or device is currently fully automated
  • Device or system is intended for multiple detection assays
  • 2 solutions, buffer, eluents, and/or reagents
  • 5 or more components
  • 10-20 minutes is required for setup