PerkinElmer AAnalyst 200 AA Spectrometer


  • AAnalyst 200 AA Flame Furnace
    • Acetylene/air burner head
    • Wavelength range: 189-900 nm
    • 8 Lamps (2 Hallow Cathode (Fe, Ag), and 6 Lumina (Pb, Ni, Hg, Zn, Al, Cu)
  • Thirty (30) Day Warranty


  • Installation & Familiarization

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Item#: 11596
Condition: Refurbished
Manufacturer: PerkinElmer

PerkinElmer AAnalyst 200 AA Spectrometer

The AAnalyst 200 dramatically changes the way instruments are used while maintaining all of the performance users have come to expect from PerkinElmer. The system incorporates innovations typically only offered on expensive research-grade instrumentation. True double-beam Echelle optics combined with the power of a solid-state detector delivers performance levels not typically available with flame AA. And, fully automated gas controls and integrated safety checks yield the safest flame AA system available today.


  • User Interface: Complete control of the AAnalyst 200 through an innovative touch-screen interface. Flexible software for lamp setup, flame control, parameter selection and sample analysis.
  • Detector: High-efficiency, segmented solid-state detector.
  • Burner System An inert polymer mixing chamber provides superior analysis of corrosive and high-solid matrices. The spray chamber is manufactured from a high-strength composite, eliminating the need for pressure-relief devices. The high-precision inert nebulizer maximizes stability and sensitivity.


  • Focal length: 300 mm
  • Grating: 36 x 185 mm area
  • 79 lines/mm blaze angle 76˚
  • Wavelength range: 189-900 nm
  • Spectral bandpass: 0.15 nm at 200 nm
  • Reciprocal linear dispersion: 2.4 nm/mm

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PerkinElmer AAnalyst 200 AA Spectrometer

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