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Item#: 11950
Condition: Tested
Manufacturer: Bruker

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Bruker AmaZon SL Ion Trap LC/MS

The Bruker AmaZon SL ion trap instrument is designed to increase productivity in the analytical lab for any kind of application. Using this system makes high-quality and high-confidence chemical analysis available to any lab. 

  • High sensitivity in the low fg range due to patented Dual Ion Funnel technology
  • Fast Scanning High-Capacity Ion Trap Technology provides unrivaled MS and MS/MS spectrum quality in terms of mass resolution and accuracy
  • Scanning speeds up to 32,000 u/s at full isotopic resolution deliver rapid duty cycles for both MS and MS/MS data sets, compatible with fast HPLC separations.
  • Fast polarity switching speeds up screening applications and increases the reliability of results.
  • The SmartFrag™ algorithm ensures optimum fragmentation efficiency for any kind of compound and ensures full reproducible MS/MS spectra, ideal for library searches.
  • Fragmentation is possible up to the MS11 stage, allowing detailed structural investigation of compounds.
  • Monoisotopic isolation is ensured throughout the standard mass range.
  • The amaZon SL smoothly integrates with a wide variety of LC-systems, sample preparation modules, and API sources.

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Bruker AmaZon SL Ion Trap LC/MS

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