Waters Xevo TQ MS Mass Spectrometer


  • Xevo TQ Mass Spec
    • ZSpray ESI Source
    • Mass Lynx Data System
    • Mechanical Pump


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Item#: 11049
Model: Xevo TQ
Condition: Used
Manufacturer: Waters

Waters Xevo TQ MS Mass Spectrometer

The Waters Xevo TQ MS is a tandem quadrupole, atmospheric pressure ionization (API), benchtop mass spectrometer designed for routine HPLC/MS/MS and UPLC/MS/MS analyses in quantitative and qualitative applications, it can operate at fast acquisition speeds compatible with Ultra Performance LC.

You can use the Xevo TQ MS with the following high-performance ZSpray dual-orthogonal API sources:

Standard multi-mode electrospray ionization/atmospheric pressure chemical ionization/combined electrospray ionization and atmospheric pressure chemical ionization (ESI/APCI/ESCi) source. (Note: Dedicated APCI operation requires an additional probe.)

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Waters Xevo TQ MS Mass Spectrometer

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