AB Sciex API 4000 LC/MS/MS Triple Quad


  • AB Sciex API 4000 LC/MS/MS Triple Quad
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Item#: 11080
Condition: Tested
Manufacturer: AB Sciex

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AB Sciex API 4000 LC/MS/MS Triple Quad

The API 4000 LC-MS/MS System delivers high-performance quantitation and identification across a wide range of LC flow rates. This System is ideal for research, not diagnostic procedures.

From discovery to clinical research, this refurbished system from GenTech Scientific, offers High-performance quantitation and identification.


  • Mass Range: 5-2800 m/z
  • High sensitivity of the API 4000 System ensures low detection limits
  • Easy-to-use Turbo V Source allows you to quantitate over a wide range of flow rates and to change rapidly between atmospheric-pressure chemical ionization (APCI) and TurboIonSpray Probes.
  • The superior ionization efficiency, enhanced robustness, and ease-of-use of the innovative Turbo V Source, combined with the patented LINAC Collision Cell, delivers high performance and high productivity with greater confidence in your results.
  • Proven Curtain Gas Interface technology, combined with improved gas dynamics, reduces maintenance and increases uptime.
  • Enhanced, high-flow-rate performance, reduced ionization suppression, self-cleaning probe design, and reliable interface are combined to produce accelerated productivity and high throughput.

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AB Sciex API 4000 LC/MS/MS Triple Quad

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