Thermo TSQ Quantum Classic AM Triple Quad LC/MS/MS

Two Year Warranty Available


  • TSQ Quantum Classic AM Triple Quad LC/MS/MS
    • Mass Range: 10-1500 amu
    • Single Reaction Monitoring (SRM) and Multi-Reaction Monitoring (MRM)
    • Enhanced Resolution Quadrupoles with 0.2 FWHM Resolution
    • Integrated Syringe Pump
    • ESI Source
  • Xcalibur Data System with keyboard, mouse and monitor
  • Ninety (90) Day Warranty


  • Two (2) Year Warranty Available
  • Installation & Familiarization
  • APCI Probe

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Item#: 11240
Condition: Refurbished
Manufacturer: Thermo Scientific

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Thermo TSQ Quantum Classic AM Triple Quad LC/MS/MS

The Thermo Scientific TSQ Quantum AM mass spectrometer is part of the Thermo Scientific family and is one of the only high resolution triple stage quadrupole mass spectrometers available that is particularly designed for accurate mass measurement. This AM model has an extra capability to make routine mass measurements on the chromatographic timescale. It has a mass range of 10-1500 Da without extended mass range electronic assemblies. Also featuring the groundbreaking Ion Max source, end users can operate with interchangeable ESI and APCI probes for heightened sensitivity and detail. Ion transmission is increased due to its large volume ion transfer tube. Probe position can be utilized for maximum sensitivity and robustness by adjusting the probe in all three directional planes (x, y, and z).

The Thermo Scientific TSQ Quantum AM has paved the way for innovation in mass spectroscopy. Enjoy the benefits of affordability while retaining the ability to work within a wide range of applications. Some applications include pharmaceutical, environmental, clinical research, food safety, and forensics.

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Thermo TSQ Quantum Classic AM Triple Quad LC/MS/MS

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