Thermo TSQ Vantage Performance Upgrade Kit


  • Interface Assembly with 2nd Generation S-Lens 
  • MP00/L0 Multipole and Redesigned Lens
  • Q0 Quadrupole Ion Guide Assembly with Beam Blocker
  • One (1) Year Warranty


  • Installation & Familiarization
  • TSQ Vantage Preventative Maintenance

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Item#: 11606
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Thermo Scientific

Thermo TSQ Vantage Performance Upgrade Kit

The TSQ Vantage performance upgrade kit extends the time between necessary cleanings and greatly improves ion transmission. This is especially helpful for laboratories that run high matrix samples such as urine, cannabis, other biologicals.  The upgrade kit replaces the S-Lens, Quadrupole Ion Guide Assembly (Q0) and the Quadrupole Ion Vector Lens Assembly (Q00/L0) with new redesigned hardware.

In the original design, the majority of the neutrals were blocked by the stacked ion guide rings of the S-Lens and the quadrupole lens. Now an independently grounded 'beam blocker' is installed to prevent the transmission of neutrals deeper into the instrument.

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Thermo TSQ Vantage Performance Upgrade Kit

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