Quiet Extended Mass Spec Workbench with Noise Enclosure


  • Laboratory Workbench
    • Durable chemically resistant worktop
      • Table top dimensions: 72 x 31 x 31 in
    • Dual pump noise reduction enclosure
      • Temperature alarm with audible indicators
      • Sound Suppression < 70 dBA
      • Pump platform dimensions: Width: 20 1/8 x 24 5/8 in
    • Computer monitor/tower/keyboard mounting
    • Workstation on lockable wheels
  • One (1) Year Warranty


  • LC Workstation 
  • MS Workstation
  • GC/MS Workstation

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Item#: 11567
Condition: New

Quiet Extended Mass Spec Workbench with Noise Enclosure

This GenTech laboratory work bench is a great option for labs with  Mass Spectrometer. With the lower noise enclosure box, you are able to keep a quiet and neat laboratory. The bench also features wheels with stabilizer legs, so you can safely and quickly move your Mass Spec without the need for tools or expensive relocation costs. These tables are a great solution that allows you to save space in the laboratory, increase the comfort of work and provide convenient service access.


  • Noise enclosure with sound suppression < 70 dBA
  • Durable chemically resistant worktop
  • Workstation on lockable wheels
  • Retractable keyboard and mouse drawer
  • Computer monitor mounting
Table Specifications
Table top dimensions:Width: 72 in, Depth: 31 in, Height: 31 in
Pump platform dimensions:Width: 20 1/8 in, Depth: 24 5/8 in

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Quiet Extended Mass Spec Workbench with Noise Enclosure

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