Thermo EASY-nLC II Nano LC


    • Volume Range: 100–18000 nL with standard loop
    • Flow Range: 20-2000 nL/min
    • 8x12 Microvial Tray
  • One (1) Year In-House Repair Warranty


  • Installation & Familiarization
  • Extended Warranty

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Item#: 11456
Condition: Refurbished
Manufacturer: Thermo Scientific

Thermo EASY-nLC II Nano LC

The Thermo Scientific EASY-nLC II has been specially designed to boost the productivity of proteomic laboratories. This nano-LC instrument offers an effortless split-free nanoflow pumping system with unrivaled ease of use. The simple touch screen interface has automatic pre-configured system tests and can easily synchronize with any MS. This compact instrument provides maximum performance with 2D-enabled operation allowing the identification of more proteins compared to conventional approaches. The system provides the ultimate technology in easy maintenance, access, and service.

The EASY-nLC II uses two in-line nano-flow sensors for fast direct measurement of the actual A and B solvent flows. This allows unrivalled precision in the flow control algorithms: Advanced Flow Control (AFC) for the gradient delivery and Intelligent Flow Control (IFC) for loading and re-equilibrating the system. IFC furthermore integrates
pressure sensor readings for the most rapid and robust execution and avoids interruptions caused by increases in back pressure for maximum productivity.

  • Ease of use with touch screen
  • Easy maintenance, access, and service with integrated Self Diagnostic Tools
  • Easy switching between 1- or 2-column configurations
Flow range (gradient)20–2000 nL/min
Recommended: 100–1000 nL/min
Flow while loading and equilibratingUp to 100 µL/min
Pressure range0–300 bar
Retention time reproducibility (RT RSD)Recommended flow range: 0.1 to 0.4% Typically better than 1% outside recommended flow range
Peak widthsTypically 3–5 s fwhm, using EASY-column nano-bore columns
CarryoverTypically < 0.05%
Autosampler pickup
volume range
100–18000 nL, with standard loop
100–58000 nL, with up to 60 µL loop
Injection reproducibility (injection RSD)0.2% at 5 µL pickup
3.0% at 100 nL pickup
Injection linearity0.9985 at 0.5–10 µL injection volume
Autosampler cooling20℃ below ambient, typical setting: 7℃

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Thermo EASY-nLC II Nano LC

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