Thermo Niton FXL-950 Benchtop XRF Analyzer for Mining Applications


  • Niton FXL-950 Benchtop XRF Analyzer
    • Serial # 92027
    • Source Installed: 09/10/2014
  • 110V Power Supply
  • Rolling Carrying Case
  • Ninety (90) Day Warranty


  • Extended Warranty

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Item#: 11754
Condition: Used
Manufacturer: Thermo Scientific

Thermo Niton FXL-950 Benchtop XRF Analyzer for Mining Applications

Now your commercial lab comes to you in a powerful, fast, easy to use, and extremely mobile package. The Niton FXL Field X-ray Lab features a rugged, compact design that can be operated in the field or in your onsite lab:


  • Features enhanced light element analysis with Z-Cal calibration technology. 
  • Offers the highest performance lowest levels of detection for up to 42 critical elements. 
  • Integrated camera with small-spot feature allows you to test areas as small as 1mm and conveniently store sample measurements for later reference. 
  • Optional X-Y positioning allows you to position the XRF head quickly to the precise spot you want to test. 
  • Optional sample spinner rotates the sample within the chamber during testing, ensuring an overall accurate reading that best characterizes the entire sample. 
  • Closed-beam design simplifies licensing requirements in most countries. 


  • Exploration and mining: from base metals and Au mining to mineral sands and PGE.
  • Industrial minerals: limestone, clay, steel slag, cement, and more.
  • Oil and gas exploration: exceptional performance for mud logging, plus gas and oil shale analysis.
  • Consumer good testing: more precise testing for Pb, Cd in toys, jewelry, packaging, and more.
  • RoHS compliance: analysis of populated circuit board and consumer electronics with complete. confidence.
  • Precious metal alloys: ideal tool for refiners and distributors.
  • Environmental: test for RCRA metals in less than 10 ppm in soils.

This Niton FXL-950 Benchtop XRF Analyzer is in used condition.  The serial number is 92027.  The source was installed on 09/10/2014.

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Thermo Niton FXL-950 Benchtop XRF Analyzer for Mining Applications

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