Thermo Niton XLp 302A XRF Analyzer with Mining Kit & Field Mate

Manufacturer: Thermo Scientific


  • Niton XLp 302A Analyzer
    • Serial # 97768
    • Source Installed: 02-15-2016
  • Bulk Sample Mode Installed
  • Mining kit: (See Photos)
    • Polypropylene (TF-240-255)
    • XRF Sample Cups
    • Sieving Shaker Kit
    • Sample baggies
    • Mortar & Pestle
    • Cotton
    • Spatula
  • Portable Field Mate Test Stand
  • One Lithium Battery
  • 110 V Battery Charger
  • Two Carrying Cases
  • Ninety (90) Day Warranty

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Item#: 11578
Model: XLp 302A
Condition: Used

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Thermo Niton XLp 302A XRF Analyzer with Mining Kit & Field Mate

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Thermo Niton XLp 302A XRF Analyzer with Mining Kit & Field Mate


  • Very easy to use – even by non-technical personnel
  • Lab-quality performance in a handheld instrument
  • Improved cycle time for high sample throughput
  • Complete kit

The handheld Thermo Scientific Niton XLp x-ray fluorescence (XRF) analyzer offers you a choice of radioisotope sources to meet the demands of your application. From its easy to use point-and-shoot operation to the high-strength, injection molded and environmentally sealed housing, the NitonPoly XLp is the only choice for demanding applications such as lead paint inspection, and provides value choices for metal alloy, mining, environmental, and archaeometric applications. Legally defensible data is something that no flimsy off-the-shelf PDA can provide. Every Thermo Scientific Niton XRF analyzer comes with completely encrypted data, for legally defensible results you can count on. When data quality matters, our XRF analyzers are Simply Superior.

With pioneering safety features and unmatched battery life, there are more Niton XLp XRF analyzers in operation than all other isotope-based XRF analyzers combined.


  • Display: Adjustable angle, color, touch-screen display
  • Standard Analytical Range: >25 elements from Ti to U
  • Data Storage: Internal > 10,000 readings with spectra
  • Security: Password-protected user security
  • Data Entry: Touch-screen keyboard, User-programmable pick lists
  • Approximately 2x the x-ray flux of a 40 kV x-ray tube
  • Lower detection limits for higher Z elements
  • Shorter measurement times