Nicolet iS-10 FT-IR Spectrometer with Continuum Infrared Microscope

Manufacturer: Thermo Scientific Condition: Refurbished

Manufactured in 2011. Like NEW Condition


  • Nicolet iS-10 FT-IR Spectrometer
    • Spectral Range: 7800-350 or 11000-375 (see below)
  • Nicolet Continuum Infrared Microscope
  • Data System
  • Cables & Manuals
  • Ninety (90) Day Warranty


  • Extended Warranty
  • Installation & Familiarization

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Nicolet iS-10 FT-IR Spectrometer with Continuum Infrared Microscope

Nicolet iS-10 FT-IR Spectrometer

The Nicolet iS10 FT-IR spectrometer is a complete infrared spectroscopy system for routine analytical needs. The Nicolet iS10 delivers the highest confidence in the verification and identification of materials.
Sample and solve your toughest analytical challenges with minimal time investment — and often with only one click. The Thermo Scientific Nicolet iS 10 FT-IR Spectrometer offers the highest confidence in materials identification and verification. Just load your sample, generate the spectrum and press print. Designed for rugged, precise and fast-paced operation, the Nicolet iS10 FT-IR Spectrometer simplifies laboratory data collection, combining advanced technology with easy operation for quality performance across technicians of any skill level.


  • Spectral Range: 7800-350 cm-1 optimized, mid-infrared KBr beamsplitter or 11000-375 cm-1 XT KBr extended range mid-infrared optics
  • Beam Splitter: KBr/Ge mid-infrared optimized (standard); XT-KBr/Ge extended range mid-infrared (optional)
  • Laser: HeNe
  • Performance Verification: ASTM E1421 to meet customer ISO/GLP requirements,
  • Components: Mid-infrared Ever-Glo and Tungsten/halogen (both are user replaceable from sample compartment)
  • Source Type: Mid-infrared Ever-Glo and Tungsten/halogen (both are user replaceable from sample compartment)
  • Applications: Biodiesel Blending Analysis; Gemstone Analysis; Polymers and Plastics; QA/QC; Pharmaceuticals; Forensics

Nicolet Continuum Infrared Microscope

The Nicolet Continuμm Infrared Microscope provides fully automated operation, making it easy and efficient to use while also offering visual observation of microscopic samples and chemical characterization of most organic and inorganic compounds.
Produce reliable spatially-resolved chemical information from all types of samples with the Thermo Scientific Nicolet Continuμm Infrared Microscope; it combines high-performance infrared sampling and excellent visible-light microscopy in one unit. Created specifically for today’s multi-purpose labs, our infrared microscope sets the standard for FT-IR microspectroscopy — from electronics failure analysis, to crime scene investigations and museum research.

Continuμm Infrared Microscope Features:

  • Detector Type: Narrow-, mid- and wide-band MCT-A; InGaAs
  • Applications: Failure Analysis; Product Consistency Verification; Reverse Engineering; Research and Development; Forensic Analysis; Surface Analysis; Art Conservation; Mineralogy; Biochemistry; Homeland Security
  • Unparalleled Infrared Performance:
  • Unique compensating IR optics ensure perfect matching of IR/visible beams
  • Automated dual reflex aperture provides diffraction-limited spectra
  • Sampling flexibility with transmission, reflectance and micro-ATR
  • Chemical image acquisition and analysis with available Atlμs™ Software
  • TruView Optics combined with the spectral collection preview mode allows for:
    • Simultaneous spectrum acquisition and viewing of the sample
    • Rapid sample screening with real-time spectral display
    • Error-free operation
  • High-Performance Optical Microscopy:
  • Optical design provides sharp sample images essential for revealing fine structure in both visible and infrared microscopy analysis.
    • Infinity-corrected optics
    • Choice of visible compound objectives
    • Visual enhancement tools for any kind of sample, including fluorescence and polarized light
    • Video capture with color digital CCD camera for software integration and documentation

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This refurbished Nicolet iS-10 FT-IR Spectrometer with Continuum Infrared Microscope is calibrated to meet OEM standards. Our expert service engineers and chemists can install and custom configure the system to be compliant with the Methods you plan to run.

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