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Edwards E2M2 Mechanical Pump


  • Edwards E2M2 Mechanical Pump
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Item#: 11083
Model: E2M2
Condition: Used
Manufacturer: Edwards

Edwards E2M2 Mechanical Pump

The Edwards Model E2M2 is a reliable vacuum pump that delivers quick pumping speeds.  This dual stage rotary vane vacuum pump from Edwards is ideal for brake line evacuation, sterilization, back combinations, Mass Spectrometers, film coating, refrigeration dehydration and more.  The Edwards 2 E2M2 has a pumping speed of 60Hz of 1.5CFM and maximum pressure of 7.5 x 10 to the negative -4 Torrance.  The Edwards E2M2 was built to with stand the test of time while operating in extreme environments. 

This vacuum pump work well with Lyophilizer, Freeze Dryers, Mass Specs, Speed Vacs, Concentrators, just to name a few.  The Edwards E2M2 has an operating temperature of 12-40°C and oil capacity of 0.6L.  The E2M2 vacuum pump from Edwards takes Ultra-grade 19 oil and has a maximum water vapor capacity of 30 grams per hour.

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Edwards E2M2 Mechanical Pump

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