Waters e2695 with 2487 Dual Absorbance Detector


  • Waters e2695 Separations Module
    • LAN Communications
  • Waters 2487 Dual Absorbance Detector 
    • Analytical flow cell
  • CHT Column Heater
  • Empower Data System
  • Ninety (90) Day Warranty


  • Installation & Familiarization
  • Extended Warranty

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Item#: 11717
Condition: Refurbished
Manufacturer: Waters

Waters e2695 with 2487 Dual Absorbance Detector

The Waters e2695 Separations Module, with its integrated solvent and sample management capabilities, provides the flexibility and ruggedness needed to accommodate an enormous range of HPLC separation challenges.

  • Flow rate: 0.000 to 10.000mL/min (0.050 to 5.000mL/min typical) in 0.001mL/min increments
  • Gradient profiles: 11 gradient curves (including linear. Step(2), concave(4), and convex(4)
  • Maximum operating pressure: 5000psi (345 bar)
  • Flow accuracy: ± 1% or 10 µl/min whichever is greater, 0.200 ro 5.000mL/min
  • Sample vials 120 vials, configured in five carousels of 24 vials each
  • Number of injections: 1 to 99 injections per sample vial

Waters 2487 Dual Absorbance Detector 

This Waters 2487 Dual  Dual Absorbance Detector is the most sensitive and versatile absorbance detector available for HPLC. It features advanced programmability, dual wavelength capability, unmatched signal-to-noise performance, reduced optical bandwidth and exceptional linearity.

Designed to provide the highest performance in UV/Vis detection for your HPLC analyses, the Waters 2487 Detector offers the sensitivity required for detection of minor impurities, with the linear dynamic range to simultaneously quantitate major and minor components.

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Waters e2695 with 2487 Dual Absorbance Detector

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