Waters Acquity UPLC with PDA Detector & Sample Organizer


  • Acquity Binary Solvent Manager
  • Acquity Sample Manager
  • Acquity Sample Organizer
  • Acquity Photodiode Array (PDA) Detector
    • Standard Flow Cell
  • Data System
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Item#: 11381a
Condition: Tested
Manufacturer: Waters

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Waters Acquity UPLC with PDA Detector & Sample Organizer

Compound identification with spectral confidence

  • Work at higher efficiencies with a much wider range of linear velocities, flow rates, and backpressures
  • Higher flow rates and increased throughput result in superior resolution and sensitivity
  • Eliminate significant time and cost per sample, while improving the quality of results
  • Benefit from Waters’ patented sub-2-μm hybrid particle chemistry

PDA Features:

  • High optical and digital resolution, low signal-to-noise ratios, and library matching provides quantitation of trace impurities with low signal-to-noise ratios
  • Flexible parameter control for the detection of analytes in any UPLC separation
  • Simultaneous 2D and 3D operation in either Empower or MassLynx Software
  • Wavelengths of 190 to 500 nm and up to 2.0 AU without compromising linearity 
  • Low-volume, light-guided flowcell improves light transmission efficiency, allowing quantitation up to 2.0 AU without compromising linearity 

Sample Organizer Features:

  • Plates are transferred in a programmable order from the Sample Organizer to the ACQUITY UPLC System Sample Manager for processing
  • Plate exchange shuttle replaces a plate in the Sample Manager within 15 seconds to support high sample-throughput processing
  • Shelves accessed through the large swing-open front door and slide in easily
  • Accepts any combination of ANSI-compliant well plates and vial holders
  • Temperature control of 4 to 40 °C in 1 °C increments
  • Small footprint

Sample Capacities:

  • 12 intermediate well plates
    • 12 plates x 96 samples = 1152 samples
    • Run time @ 2 min/sample = 38.4 hours
  • 8 x 48 – 2mL vials
  • 8 x 24 – 4mL vials

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Waters Acquity UPLC with PDA Detector & Sample Organizer

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