Waters 717 Plus HPLC Autosampler


  • Waters 717 Plus HPLC Autosampler
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Item#: 10134
Model: 717 Plus
Condition: Tested
Manufacturer: Waters

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Waters 717 Plus HPLC Autosampler

The Waters 717 Plus HPLC Autosampler combines the automation, ease of use, reliability, and low cost-of-ownership needed for the high productivity laboratory. The 717plus Autosampler incorporates a highly reliable and extremely precise fluid path design that is versatile enough to use for all your methods and applications.


  • Injection Volume Range of 1.0 microliter to 2000 microliter in 0.1 microliter increments
  • Bandspreading of <10% contribution for all solvent systems
  • System Operating Pressure of 4500 psig (31027 Kpa)
  • Wash Flow, Solvent Rate of >0.4 mL per injection.

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Waters 717 Plus HPLC Autosampler

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