Waters Acquity TQD Mass Spectrometer

Manufacturer: Waters Condition: Refurbished


  • Acquity TQD Mass Spec
    • Mass Range: 2 to 2048 m/z
    • ESI Source
    • MassLynx Data System
    • Mechanical Pump
  • One (1) Year In-House Repair Warranty


  • Acquity HPLC Pump
  • Binary Solvent Manager
  • Sample Manager
  • Single Column Heater

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Item#: 11440

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Waters Acquity TQD Mass Spectrometer

The Waters Acquity TQ Detector is an advanced bench top tandem quadrupole mass detector designed for ultra high performance LC/MS/MS applications. With a wide range of ionization options including Atmospheric Pressure Photo Ionization (APPI) and the Atmospheric Solids Analysis Probe (ASAP), the TQD Mass Spec is ideally suited for a wide range of qualitative and quantitative applications.

The system includes IntelliStart Technology, for automated system optimization and status monitoring, ensuring that the highest quality data is routinely available to users of all levels


  • Examples of achievable acquisition rates: 10 scans per second (m/z 100 to 1000), 20 scans per second (m/z 50 to 500)
  • Optimized MS/MS detection for demanding quantitative applications
  • Rapid data acquisition rates for the best in accuracy and reproducibility of chromatographic peak area measurement
  • Robust ZSpray atmospheric pressure ionization interface
  • Versatile range of ionization options
  • Industry-leading multimode capability in a single run
  • Automated instrument optimization and quantitative method development tools
  • Dedicated application managers for your specialized analytical requirements

Mass Analyzer: Two high resolution quadrupole analyzers (MS1/MS2), plus prefilters to maximize resolution and transmission while preventing contamination of the main analyzers.

Ion Source Transfer Optics: High efficiency hexapole ion guide

IntelliStart Technology: System parameter checks and alerts. Integrated sample/calibrant delivery system plus programmable divert valve. Automated mass calibration. Automated sample tuning. Automated MRM and SIR method development. LC/MS System Check – automated on-column performance test

Acquisition modesFull scan MS
Product ion scan
Precursor ion scan
Constant neutral loss
Selected Ion Recording (SIR)
Multiple Reaction Monitoring (MRM)
Mass Range2 to 2048 m/z
Scan SpeedUp to 10,000 Da/s
Examples of achievable acquisition rates10 scans per second (m/z 100 to 1000)
20 scans per second (m/z 50 to 500)
Mass stabilityMass drift is <0.1 Da over a 24 hour period
DetectorLow noise, off axis, long life photomultiplier detector
Digital dynamic range up to 4 x 106
ESCi mode switching time20 ms to switch between ESI and APCI
Polarity switching time20 ms to switch between positive and negative ion modes

The GenTech Difference

Why Buy New When You Don't Have To? Our refurbished Waters HPLC Systems have been expertly restored to meet OEM standards. GenTech is a full service reseller, our knowledgeable engineers perform installations, repairs, training and method development. The inventory in our 60,000 sq. foot facility is constantly changing with new shipments coming in daily. GenTech customers receive lifetime phone support for all instruments they purchase.

How we refurbish used analytical instruments

Every refurbished instrument we sell under goes a complete inspection of all electronics and performance review. The instruments undergo in-depth preventative maintenance procedures that include extensive cleaning, detector maintenance, line and pump flushing. Routine maintenance is also addressed and filters, liners, tubing, etc. are all replaced as needed. Our chemist perform full calibration and data verification. Once used Waters HPLC Systems are returned to like-new condition and will run your samples for 30-80% off retail.

This refurbished Waters Acquity TQD Mass Spectrometer is calibrated to meet OEM standards. Our expert service engineers and chemists can install and custom configure the system to be compliant with the Methods you plan to run.

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