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    • 48 position 2.00-mL vial plates (2ea)
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Item#: 11442
Condition: Tested
Manufacturer: Waters

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Waters Acquity Sample Manager

The Acquity UPLC Sample Manager injects the samples it draws from microtiter plates or vials into the chromatographic flow stream. A locating mechanism uses a probe to access sample locations and draw sample from them. In the needle overfill load-ahead mode, the sample manager can perform an injection in approximately 15 seconds. The first injection requires additional overhead time.

The sample manager accepts standard footprint plates (5.03 ±0.02 inch × 3.365 ±0.02 inch), that conform to ANSI standards (maximum height = 2.2 inches, including covers). You may program any combination of these plates and vial holders for automated sample processing. Samples are loaded into the sample manager via the front door or the optional sample organizer, which transfers samples back and forth between the two instruments. The sample manager can maintain samples at any temperature between 4 to 40℃ in 25℃ or less ambient conditions.

The sample temperature control is settable in 0.1℃ increments (assumes an ambient temperature of 25.0℃). At an ambient temperature of 21.0℃ or lower the sample manager will maintain the temperature of the sample compartment down to 4.0℃ with a tolerance of -2.0/+6.0℃, when configured with the maximum number of vials and/or plates.


  • XYZZ based needle-in-needle design sample probe
  • Loop off-line mode and load ahead advanced operations
  • Unattended Operations: Leak sensors and full diagnostic data control 
Number of Sample PlatesTotal of two plates, expandable to up to 22 plates with optional Sample Organizer (see below):
• 96 and 384 microtiter plates
• 48 position 2.00-mL vial plates
• 48 position 0.65-mL micro-centrifuge tube plates
• 24 position 1.50-mL micro-centrifuge tube plates
Maximum Sample Capacity768 in two 384-well plates; expandable to up to 8,448 samples
with optional Sample Organizer (see below)
Number of Sample Injections1 to 99 injections per sample
Injection Volume Range0.1 to 50.0 μL, in 0.1 μL increments, partial or full loop mode,
10-μL loop is standard; 1, 2, 5, 20, and 50-μL loops also available
Sample Delivery Precision
(full loop injection mode)
< 0.3% RSD, full loop, standard 10-μL loop (default wash/purge conditions), per Waters AQT/SystemsQT protocol
Sample Delivery Precision
(PLNO injection mode)
< 1% RSD within 20% to 75% of loop volume for 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, and 50-μL loops, UV detection
Injector Linearity> 0.999 coefficient of deviation (from 20% to 75%, partial loop overfill mode
(PLNO injection mode), per Waters’ AQT/SystemsQT protocol
Sample Temperature Control4.0 to 40.0 ℃
Injection Cycle Time< 15 sec between multipe injections with “load ahead” enabled
30 sec with single weak wash, 10-μL loop, pressure assist mode
Minimum Sample Required5 μL residual, using maximum recovery 2-mL vials (zero offset)
Wash SolventsTwo degassed: strong solvent and weak wash solvent, programmable to suit application
Sample Carryover< 0.005% or < 2.000 nL, whichever is greater
Primary Wetted MaterialsTitanium alloy, 316 stainless steel, fluoropolymer, fluoroelastomer, PPS alloy, PEEK alloy, PPS, PEEK, DLC coating, gold

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