GenTech Refurbishment Process

The GenTech Certified Refurbishment Process

At GenTech Scientific, we maintain the world's largest inventory of pre-owned and refurbished analytical instruments and accessories.

The main goal of our refurbishment process is to offer instruments functioning at the Manufacturer's original performance specifications. This is validated by internal testing done prior to release and test data is included with the instrument package.


How do you refurbish a used or pre-owned analytical instrument?

Our pre-owned instruments are refurbished by our highly experienced technicians to OEM standards, as well as, installation and service which is available worldwide.

Here's a small rundown of our refurbishment process which you can click to get a more detailed view of each:

  1. Perform a Complete Inspection of All Electronics
  2. Custom Configure Your System to Best Suit Your Needs
  3. Initial Performance Evaluation of All Components
  4. Refurbishment to Manufacturer's Standards
  5. Verify Compatible Firmware/Software Applications
  6. Perform Full Product Calibration and Data Verification
  7. Provide User Manuals and Accessories
  8. Professional and Thorough Cleaning to Like-New Condition
  9. Professionally Package and Ship to Your Door
  10. Professional Installation is Also Available

Complete Inspection of All Electronics

At GenTech Scientific, Inc., we specialize in high-quality, pre-owned refurbished equipment. Our team of technicians, engineers and chemists will go through every system to ensure it meets the GenTech Certified Standards.

Your refurbishment begins with a complete inspection of the internal components after removing all covers and checking everything from wiring to circuit boards, terminal connections, motors, plumbing and more -- including a thorough cleaning.

Custom Configure Your System to Suit Your Needs

Our staff of experienced professionals can assist you with configuring a complete instrument and data collection package to fit your specific needs. From sample introduction to data collection, GenTech has the solution.

The knowledgeable GenTech Team will not only help you identify the issues you are currently facing, but offer possible solutions that may work better with your system.

Initial Performance Evaluation of All Components

The objective of GenTech's performance evaluation is to determine the scope and focus of the refurbishment.

We begin the refurbishment process by powering the instrument(s) up, verifying that all controls and functions work as designed, including displays.

Refurbishment to Manufacturer's Standards

After the performance evaluation, the refurbishment process begins with a standard Preventative Maintenance procedure.

The technician conducts an in-depth cleaning, detector maintenance, line and pump flushing. Routine maintenance is also addressed and filters, liners, tubing, etc. are all replaced as needed.

This step in the process will bring the instruments back up to industry standards for your dependable operation.

Purchasing refurbished equipment that has been brought back to the manufacturer's standards makes sound sense to companies watching their bottom line.

Verify Compatible Firmware/Software Applications

Regardless of your method of data collection, our team of technicians and chemists can ensure that your instruments will function with existing components or data collection system. We can also provide a professionally configured data collection system to meet your needs.

Speak to one of our knowledgeable representatives about your methods and your system, and our team will be able to guide you to the solution that will allow all of your components to communicate and provide the best possible data.

Perform Full Product Calibration and Data Verification

GenTech runs industry approved standards on your instrument to verify that the chromatography results are accurate within accepted specifications, and that these results are reliably reproducible. Any necessary adjustments will be made to the instrument until it meets specifications. If you are using your own data collection system, we will also verify and ensure that your instrument arrives to you firmware compatible.

GenTech Scientific provides customers with printed data to verify the quality measurements being identified.

Provide User Manuals and Accessories

Your system will come complete with all cables, power cords and user manuals on CD-ROM. If you are purchasing one of our data systems, we often pre-install the manuals on your desktop too.

When you purchase your data system and software from GenTech, you will receive a backup copy of the data collection software.

Also included in your package will be the GenTech Warranty and Packing List which details the additional items being provided with your instrument.

Thorough Cleaning

Our analytical instruments do not leave GenTech without passing through our detail shop where they are professionally cleaned. As these refurbished instruments have been pre-owned they may exhibit some wear. We do our best to remove most cosmetic imperfections such as scratches, marks and discolorations.

At this step in the process, each instrument is also given a very detailed appearance quality control inspection.

Professionally Package and Ship to Your Door

Once your order arrives in our Shipping Department, our professional shipping staff will perform a final quality control inspection. We know that we deal with sensitive instruments, so we package and protect your instrument to ensure its safe and undamaged arrival to your lab or business.

Professional Installation is Also Available

GenTech offers a complete and professional installation for a nominal charge, performed by a GenTech technician or a GenTech approved contractor. This final step ensures that your instrument will perform as well in your facility as it did prior to leaving ours.

Not only will this give you peace of mind and confidence in your purchase, but a GenTech installation can also extend your warranty coverage.

Tip: Consider GenTech's customized, hands-on training at your facility, or a future training session at the GenTech Institute.

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