Analytical Instrument
Training & Education

GenTech Scientific is your best source for expert training! GenTech is equipped to provide training and familiarization to the instrument, either at your site or our facility. With expertise on equipment from most manufacturers, GenTech can help your lab get started.

Instrument Training & Familiarization

Whether we come to you, or you choose to come to us, the GenTech team of industry experts, chemists, engineers, and technicians walk you through, step by step, the best ways to operate and maintain your analytical instrumentation.


Training is hands-on and can be done at our location or ours.

We implement testing theory of your instruments for your chemists.

Equipment operation and how to effectively run samples is reviewed.

Just because we leave, doesn’t mean we are gone. GenTech is always ready for troubleshooting and ongoing maintenance.

Get the quality results you deserve.

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