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Pesticide & Herbicide Screening

Pesticides are chemicals used to kill off fungus, insects and bacteria, among other things. Pesticides, herbicides and insecticides contaminates can cause severe health risks to consumers of cannabis products. Liver damage, cancer and decreased muscle function are among the dangerous side effects of pesticides .

States require testing to ensure that the cannabis does not contain harmful levels of pesticide residues. Check your individual state for which tests are required.

Pesticide qualification and quantification can be performed with either liquid or gas chromatography with a mass spectrometer.

Agilent 1200 LC System Right Angle

Liquid Chromatography with Mass Spectrometry Method

Triple Quadrupole Mass Spectrometers are routinely used to analyze pesticides in samples. Also known as Tandem Mass Spectrometers, LC-MS/MS systems are used to reliably monitor difficult polar and/or thermally unstable species. The MS/MS approach allows for the identification of targeted pesticides through Multiple-Reaction Monitoring (MRM) transitions for each compound.

The Agilent 6460 Triple Quad LC/MS/MS with Agilent 1200 HPLC is a great system for Pesticide & Herbicide Testing!


Gas Chromatography with Mass Spectrometry Method

Quantitative and qualitative analysis of pesticides is also performed by using gas chromatography methods. Depending on the method, a GC coupled with a mass spectrometer detector is often the preferred technique.

Browse our inventory of GC/MS pesticide screening instruments: