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Refurbished Lab
Equipment Process

The main goal of the GenTech Scientific refurbishment process is to offer instruments functioning like new at a fraction of the cost. Since 1996, GenTech has accumulated many hard-to-find and obsolete analytical parts. This large, versatile inventory allows us to fulfill the service and maintenance requests of a wide variety of refurbished lab instruments. The vigorous GenTech Scientific refurbishment process gives our customers the peace of mind they deserve.


Complete Electronic Inspection

The GenTech Scientific refurbishment process begins with a thorough inspection of internal components. After removing all covers, we check wiring, circuit boards, terminal connections, motors, plumbing… And more. Once the instrument has been thoroughly inspected and cleaned, our service technicians collect all added-on accessories and custom configure your instrument.


Customized Configuration

Our skilled and experienced technicians assist you with custom system configuration fit to your lab’s specific needs. They are also ready to help you identify issues you currently face with existing equipment, and offer new, customized solutions to help your lab reach and exceed goals. All at a fraction of the costs of new equipment.


Performance Evaluation

GenTech’s thorough performance evaluation determines the scope and focus of an instrument’s refurbishment. We power the instrument(s) up and verify that all controls and functions work as designed, including displays. We also work to get all accessories and add-ons working together, communicating, and functioning the way they should.


Refurbishment to Industry Standards

Technicians then conduct in-depth cleaning, detector maintenance and line and pump flushing—essentially wiping the instrument’s slate clean. Routine maintenance is then executed, replacing liners, filters, tubing, etc. This step in the process restores our refurbished laboratory equipment to industry standards for your operation.


Firmware & Software Compatibility

Regardless of your method of data collection, our team of technicians and chemists ensures your instruments function with existing data collection systems. Our team guides you to the solution that best allows all components to communicate and result in the best possible data.


Calibration & Data Verification

GenTech Scientific runs industry-approved standards on your instrument to verify that the chromatography results are accurate within accepted specifications, and that these results are reliably reproducible. Any necessary adjustments are made to the instrument until it meets specifications. If you are using your own data collection system, we also verify and ensure that your instrument arrives firmware-compatible. GenTech provides customers with printed data to verify the quality measurements being identified.


User Manuals & Accessories

Your system comes complete with all cables, power cords, and manuals. If you’re purchasing one of our data systems, we often pre-install the manuals on your desktop as well. When you purchase your data system and software from GenTech Scientific, you receive a backup copy of the data collection software.


Comprehensive Cleaning

As these refurbished analytical instruments have been pre-owned they may exhibit some wear. We do our best to remove most cosmetic imperfections such as scratches, marks, and discolorations. At this step in the process, each instrument is also given a very detailed appearance quality control inspection.


Signed, Sealed & Delivered

Once your refurbished scientific equipment is ready to ship, our shipping department performs one more quality inspection. As we handle highly sensitive equipment every day, we ensure instruments are packaged and protected so they arrive intact and undamaged, ready to produce results.


Professional Installation

Want it up and running in no time? GenTech Scientific offers professional lab setup that includes installation and training. We make sure your refurbished lab instruments performs as well at your site as it did at ours.