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Molds & Mildews

Particular molds seem to continuously reappear within the medical cannabis supply. Many are rather common and commonly appear on many other large abundant green plants. Fantastic sources of water and sugar that many creatures, bacteria, and mold need for survival, plants produce exceedingly good ecosystems, and usually support a substantial biological assortment of species. Cannabis is not any different, and virtually any plant, be it cultivated outdoors or indoors, is normally overflowing with life.

Mold spores are commonly found on plants outside. Most molds survive outside where there is plenty of exposure to water and food. However, molds that occur outdoors may also be more likely to remain manageable via natural constraints. If marijuana is grown inside, molds could obtain a grip that natural checks cannot eradicate – thus a modest issue can rapidly develop into an epidemic. In grow rooms, the issue is typically amplified by excessive amounts of moisture and heat. Once mold has achieved a foothold inside, it could be almost impossible to regain control of the situation.

Medical cannabis must be managed on completely clean surfaces. Weighing and vending surfaces inside dispensaries must be made of glass, stainless-steel, or another surface that’s non-permeable, and is easily cleansed and sanitized as needed. Scale surfaces need to be cleaned between batches. Methanol, or other non-toxic cleaning agent, must be used to clean surfaces. Preferably, sterile wipes should be used to provide the greatest amounts of sanitation.