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Service Center Repairs
& Service-Rental Program

Send GenTech Scientific your lab equipment for repair!

*Our Depot Repair program is designed for equipment that travels well and is easy to pack and ship to GenTech. This program is available to domestic and foreign customers. The re-installation of the system, if requested, is an additional charge.”

Rentals Right on Time

Have an instrument in need of repair? GenTech Scientific provides bench repairs on most GC, MS, HPLC, IC, GC-MSD, and LC-MS instruments from the world’s major manufacturers. In the event we need more time to service your instrument, GenTech offers an efficient rental program reducing your downtime during servicing.

How to Reduce Cost & Stress

You Receive a Rental
While We Receive Your System

Our team is able to work faster on servicing equipment at our facility.

You Continue to Run Samples
While We Evaluate & Repair

You receive a temporary replacement that produces equally accurate results, limiting your lab’s downtime.

Your Instrument Returns
& We Remove the Rental

We install your serviced instrument and remove the loaner leaving you hassle-free.

Securely Packaging Analytical Instruments

Preparing Equipment for Safe Shipping

To ensure your equipment arrives at our facilities in a safe and timely manner, we always recommend taking the following steps so our team can repair your instruments as quickly and effectively as possible.

Preparation Stages:


Quality Packing Materials

GenTech recommends using bubble wrap, shock-absorbing foam, and triple-walled, corrugated shipping containers for shipping your equipment. We DO NOT recommend packing peanuts or any sort of loose fill.

Keep It Clear & Dry

All pumps, tanks, lines, bottles, or anything else that houses liquid or oil should be drained.

Evenly Distribute Weight

Do not overload one side of your box or container. Make sure the weight of your equipment is evenly distributed to limit movement in transit.

No Gaps

To further limit movement in transit, place extra solid packing materials between and around instruments and items. Avoid leaving large empty spaces.

Identify Yourself

Include shipping labels and papers inside your box with RMA number(s) and correct contact information. Apply official shipping labels, fragile stickers, and any other important notifiers on the outside of the box.

GenTech Has Your Back

Let us get you back up and running. Ask your Sales Representative about a rental today!

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