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Training, Installation & Familiarization

GenTech’s expert service engineers can ensure your lab is set up to meet your requirements.

Installation & Familiarization Includes:

Set-up of the system
in the location provided by the Lab Manager

Basic performance
verification of the equipment

training for the operator

Additional Services Available with Installation, for an additional fee:

Optional Delivery,
unpacking, and removal of packaging

GenTech is also equipped
to perform Operational Qualification (OQ) training

GenTech is also equipped
to provide customized, in-depth training

A GenTech installation protects your instrument and validates your warranty.  If we install the instrument, we know that it was completed correctly and that any problems are not due to facility installation. While installation is not required, we ask that any buyer work closely with the GenTech staff to ensure a successful installation. With a GenTech installation, however, we guarantee that there will be few – if any – service issues throughout the warranty period.

*Installation & Familiarization is specific to each order. Please review your final quotation for the most accurate details & specifics.

Custom Instrument Training

GenTech Technical Institute is your best source for expert training! GenTech is equipped to provide in-depth training on applications related to the instrument, either at your site or our own facility. With expertise on equipment from most major manufacturers, let GenTech guide you to get your lab get started.

Recommended operator’s prerequisite skills:

Bachelor’s degree
with a focus on Chemistry

1-2 Years’ experience
using chromatography instruments

Training Includes:

Hands-on training
can be done at our
location or yours

Testing Theory
of the Instruments for
your Chemist

Equipment Operation
& How to Effectively Run Samples

Testing Methods

& Basic Maintenance