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State Regulations for Cannabis Testing

States that permit the use of medical and recreational marijuana set their own programs. Many aspects are covered within these programs including regulations and requirements for growers, processors, retailers and laboratories. The required testing and accreditation varies from state-to-state. What will not vary is the credibility gained by growers, processors, and retailer that test the safety and quality of their cannabis.

Which instruments you need will be determined by what tests your state requires. Below are links to the rules and regulations created by the states that have legalized marijuana for either medical, adult use or both.

Medicinal Genomics offers a summary of Cannabis Microbial Testing Regulations by State.

Other resources to check for current information and updates are NORML and the interactive map by MJBiz. Additional states continue to legalize, and state cannabis laws frequently change. Please refer to the state’s website for the most up to date information.

Georgia - Medical Only*

*Georgia allows up to 20 oz. of low-THC CBD oil for registered medical cannabis patients. FAQs.