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GenTech Scientific Partners

GenTech is well known as a partner to laboratories across the globe, but we partner with other companies as well, to provide the highest level of products and services to our customers.  From consumables to new lab equipment to financing options, GenTech has the best partners!

Evergreen Finance & Leasing LLC

Evergreen’s comprehensive approach and proven finance strategies have been assisting businesses to grow, meet their goals, and buy the equipment they need, when they need it, with financing that makes it affordable.

  • Start-Up Businesses
  • Equipment Leasing
  • Fast Approval
  • Excellent to Challenged Credit Types
  • Tax benefit
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EISCO Industrial

EISCO Industrial manufactures glassware, plastics and other lab supplies to meet the needs of industrial science, academic research and botanical extraction laboratories throughout the world. Now more than 50 years old, EISCO Scientific began as a small, family-owned manufacturing company serving the science education marketplace, and since has grown into a multinational corporation with headquarters in both India and the U.S., and hundreds of distributors in over 100 countries.
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HTA Autosamplers

Headquartered in Italy, HTA has been producing a wide range of autosampler models since 1991. Their autosamplers include all popular injection techniques including liquid, headspace and SPME. Today HTA offers an extensive collection of analyzer front-ends and sample prep workstations designed specifically for GC, LC and MS applications in analytical chemistry, life sciences and clinical laboratories.
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HTA Introduces the First Headspace Autosampler Powered By AI Capabilities

HTA HT2000H Sampler
HTA HT3000A Liquid Autosampler

Lab Tech, Inc.

LabTech is a global manufacturing company dedicated to providing solutions for sample preparation and scientific analysis. Incorporated with global branches, their products include organic/inorganic sample preparation systems, laboratory temperature control equipment, and analytical instrumentation. As an independent manufacturer, LabTech offers laboratory products to a wide range of fields within analytical chemistry — pharmaceutical research, food safety, environmental analysis, materials testing, and more.

LabTech, Inc.
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NXT Power®

NXT Power is a manufacturer of advanced power quality solutions. ​Every business’s electronic equipment is vulnerable to power problems such as power outages, lightning, common-mode voltage, and high-voltage transients. NXT Power provides power protection solutions that businesses around the world rely on every minute, of every day.

Their transformer-based power conditioners and uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) provide stable and uninterrupted power designed specifically for environments such as MS, GC, LC applications in analytical chemistry and clinical laboratories.

Headquartered in the US with locations in Europe and Latin America, NXT Power strives to provide exceptional power protection solutions for every client.
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Toxicology Solutions, LLC

Toxicology Solutions is a full-service consulting firm offering expert analysis and assistance for legal cases or laboratories. Laboratory services cover all aspects of laboratory work, including:

  • Accreditation/Audit Preparation
  • Method development and assisting with method validations for new instruments
  • SOP Development
  • Training

For legal cases, Toxicology Solutions can provide case review, expert analysis, customized consultation, and testimony for civil matters that involve alcohol and drug testing, such as wrongful termination.

Toxicology Solutions, LLC

South-Tek Systems

South-Tek Systems was founded in in 1997 with a simple but effective focus: to provide innovative, highly engineered, quality and cost-effective nitrogen generation systems to meet our customer’s unique requirements.

Commercial • Industrial • Military/Government Applications

Our laboratory division is no exception. We researched and analyzed what currently exists in the market, then created a product offering that’s truly different, fitting a diverse range of needs from compact point-of-use nitrogen generators to Mass Spec benches and tables. Our nitrogen generators can reach purities up to 99.999% while providing the reliability you expect.
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