Shimadzu 20A Gradient LC System with UV-VIS Detector

Two Year Warranty Available


  • 20A LC System with UV-VIS Detector
    • DGU-20A Prominence Degasser
    • LC-20AT Liquid Chromatograph Pump
      • Built-in CBM Controller
      • Quaternary Low Pressure Gradient Valve
    • CTO-20A Column Oven
    • SIL-20A Prominence Autosampler
    • SPD-20A Prominence UV/VIS Detector
      • Standard Flowcell
  • One (1) Year In-House Warranty


  • Two (2) Year In-House Warranty Available
  • Installation & Familiarization
  • Clarity Lite A to D Software (Does Not Include Computer)
  • Shimadzu Lab Solutions for LC Data System (Includes computer)

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Item#: 11289
Condition: Refurbished
Manufacturer: Shimadzu

Shimadzu 20A Gradient LC System with UV-VIS Detector

This LC system is currently used in a wide variety of fields. Higher reliability in analysis data and higher efficiency in total analysis workflow are required for faster development of new drugs, for better food safety, and for meeting higher standards in environmental regulations. Many analysis techniques use LCMS, which requires a front-end HPLC system to provide solvent delivery performance in the micro to semi-micro range and injectors with low sample carryover. Prominence is a network-ready LC system that meets the demands of today's advanced users.

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Shimadzu 20A Gradient LC System with UV-VIS Detector

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