Installation and Familiarization

Professional Lab Setup

Expert service engineers ensure your lab is set up to your requirements.

What does a GenTech installation include?
Normal installation consists of unpacking, set up and basic performance verification of the equipment using well-known industry standards, as well as initial training for the operator. GenTech is also equipped to perform IQ/OQ and to meet manufacturer’s specifications on selected instruments for an additional fee.

What are the benefits of a GenTech installation?
Since GenTech service engineers refurbished your recently purchased instrument, they already know it well and will have it online in very little time. A GenTech installation also protects your warranty; if we install the instrument, we know that it was done correctly and that any problems are not due to faulty installation.

Is a GenTech installation required for the warranty to be valid?
No, but we ask that any buyer work closely with the GenTech staff to ensure a successful installation. Some larger facilities have the necessary expertise in-house and will not need a GenTech installation. With a GenTech installation, however, we guarantee that there will be few-if any-service issues throughout the warranty period.

What does the initial operator training include?
A GenTech service engineer will provide training to familiarize your researchers with the instrument and its operations. If your lab is outside of our usual service area, GenTech will hire a top-notch service group in your area to provide installation and initial training. GenTech is also equipped to provide in-depth training on applications related to the instrument, either at your site or our own facility.

Installation and operator familiarization training are available at reasonable prices on GC, GC/MS, LC and LC/MS systems and accessories.

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