Cannabis Potency Package


  • Agilent 1200 HPLC System with DAD
    • Agilent Solvent Tray
    • Agilent Degasser
    • Agilent Autosampler
    • Agilent Pump
    • Agilent Thermostatted Column Compartment
    • Agilent Diode Array Detector (DAD)
  • Data System
  • HPLC Installation Kit
  • NEW Potency Analysis HPLC Consumable Kit
    • Calibration Standards:
      • Delta-9-THC
      • Delta-8-THC
      • THCA-A
      • THCV
      • CBD
      • CBDA
      • CBDV
      • CBG
      • CBGA
      • CBN
      • CBC
      • Delta 9THC/CBD/CBN Mix
    • Instrument Consumables
      • Raptor ARC-18 Guard Column Cartridge, 3/pk
      • Raptor ARC-18 Column, 2.7umx150mmx4.6mm
      • EXP Guard Column Holder
      • HPLC Starter Kit, PEEK
      • 2.0mL Big-Mouth Screw-Top Autosampler Vials & Caps
      • Mobile Phase Bottle Kit
      • 1100/1200 Pump Maintenance Kit
    • Cannabis Potency Method for Agilent 1100/1200 HPLC System
      • Potency Method
      • SOP
      • NOTE: Method is NOT available for individual sale. Purchase of HPLC System is required.

With our Cannabis Potency Package, we provide the full range of services to support your laboratory’s success. From consumable kits to cannabis potency methods, you can count on GenTech to provide the support and enhanced features you need!

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