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For this week’s installment of Tech Tips, we offer something a bit different – an introduction to our new Chief Scientific Officer.

The recent acquisition of both GenTech Scientific and Conquer Scientific under the Purity Scientific umbrella has lead to some changes for both brands. One change in particular is a single management team to provide direction and oversight for both companies, including the addition of a Chief Scientific Officer.

For Scientists by Scientists

Dr. Fatih Büyüksönmez, the founder of Conquer Scientific, has stepped into that role. A Professor Emeritus at San Diego State University since 1999, Dr. Fatih has sought to use his scientific knowledge and research experience to support scientists by providing quality, affordable equipment to laboratories everywhere.

During a recent trip to the San Diego facility, our Chief Commercial Officer, Yvette Pagano, asked Fatih about his founding of Conquer Scientific, his work as a scientist, and what he envisions for the future, both personally and professionally.