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Lab equipment is an investment, and as with any investment, the goal is to maximize it. You can take several steps to extend the life of your lab equipment, including properly training employees and diligently maintain the equipment. Taking these steps is sure to extend the life of any lab equipment you own.

Properly Train Employees

When you’re considering how to extend the life of your lab equipment, one of your main priorities should be training employees on proper use and maintenance. The size of your lab will determine how many employees are operating each piece of lab equipment, but whether you have one or many employees, worth investing in training is worth it. Every employee should be properly trained because that will ultimately extend the equipment’s life. This is because using the equipment correctly will ensure no mistakes or errors could affect the overall accuracy or functionality of that equipment. Investing in factory training may be an option; otherwise, thoroughly reading the operator’s manual will be helpful. Training employees on how to clean the equipment is also important because daily maintenance can extend the life of lab equipment.

Set Up a Structured Maintenance Schedule

Sometimes issues an employee cannot detect come up with equipment. Therefore, setting up a structed maintenance schedule can be advantageous when you’re considering how to extend the life of your lab equipment. Having a certified technician assess the equipment ensures it’s functioning properly and producing accurate results. Keeping a maintenance log is advantageous because it keeps track of when the equipment was last serviced, and setting up the schedule in advance ensures the equipment is inspected regularly. Equipment should be inspected and cleaned yearly to maintain its functionality.

Buy from a Company That Does Repairs

Buying equipment from a reputable company that can also service the equipment it sells has many benefits, including the option to have your equipment serviced in-house. Using a seller that’s also a servicer is far easier because you won’t have to seek out a different service company. This can extend the life of your lab equipment because rather than suggesting a new piece of equipment, that company will offer to repair or service the equipment instead.

At GenTech Scientific, we offer a wide variety of high-quality new, refurbished, and used lab equipment. Choosing GenTech Scientific will aid in extending equipment life because we offer quality service on a range of lab equipment. Our highly trained technicians can repair a variety of systems and accessories, so there’s no need to seek out an independent service provider. Regardless of the equipment you own, we stand behind our work and our ability to help you with any concerns you may have. Our mission is to provide reliable and honest service, so if you’re working with GenTech Scientific, you’re in good hands.