Agilent 5890 Parts

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Agilent / HP 5890 Circuit Boards & Cables
Part NamePart Number
Agilent / HP 5890 Electronic Pressure Control PCB – 2 Channel19245-60010
Agilent / HP 5890 Electronic Pressure Control PCB – 0-100PSI19245-60025
Agilent / HP 5890 Extension Cable for Upgraded Series I05890-61340
Agilent / HP 5890 HPIB Kit19257A
Agilent / HP 5890 GC Remote Communication Cable19242-60500
Agilent / HP 5890 GC Remote Signal Cable Splitter05990-60019
Agilent / HP 5890 HPIB Cable10833B
Agilent / HP 5890 HPIB/RS-232C (DICE) Communications PCB19257-60010
Agilent / HP 5890 Rear Panel Connector PCB19257-60020
Agilent/HP 5890 Series II 6 Channel EPC Board19245-60015
Agilent / HP 5890 RS-232C Communications PCB19242-60030
Agilent / HP 5890 Series II Main Board05890-60017
Agilent / HP 5890A GC Main Board05890-60010
Agilent/HP 5890 GC INET Board19242-60010


Agilent / HP 5890 Detector Parts
Part NamePart Number
Agilent / HP 5890 FID Collector Assembly19231-60690
Agilent / HP 5890 FID Electrometer Detector PCB19231-60010
Agilent / HP 5890 FID Flow Manifold19231-60750
Agilent / HP 5890 FID Hardware Module19231-GTH
Agilent / HP 5890 FID Heater/Sensor Assembly05890-61140
Agilent / HP 5890 FID Igniter Cable Assembly / Diode Bridge19231-60025
Agilent / HP 5890 FID Interconnect Assembly19231-60710
Agilent / HP 5890 FID Kit19231A
Agilent / HP 5890 FID-NPD Weldment19231-80580
Agilent / HP 5890 TCD Electrometer PCB19232-60010


Agilent / HP 5890 Inlet Parts
Part NamePart Number
Agilent / HP 5890 Split/Splitless Kit w/ EPC19245A
Agilent / HP 5890 Split/Splitless with Manual Pneumatics Kit19251A
Agilent / HP 5890 S/S Inlet Hardware Module19251-GTH
Agilent / HP 5890 Insert Weldment Assy19251-60570
Agilent / HP 5890 Mass Flow Controller, S/S Inlet19362-60570, 19362-60575
Agilent / HP 5890 Packed Column Inlet19243-80500
Agilent / HP 5890 Packed Column Inlet Flow Control19243-GT
Agilent / HP 5890 Packed Column Inlet Kit19243A
Agilent / HP 5890 EPC Proportional Control Valve19251-60720
Agilent / HP 5890 Shell Weldment19251-80570
Agilent / HP 5890 Solenoid Valve Assembly19251-60560


Agilent / HP 5890 Mainframe & Hardware
Part NamePart Number
Agilent / HP 5890 Auxiliary Flow Panel19246A
Agilent / Hp 5890 GC 120 Vac Primary Transformer05890-60970
Agilent / HP 5890 Series II 120V Single Phase AC Power Supply05890-60050
Agilent/HP 5890 Series II Keypad Display Assembly, Complete05890-61367
Agilent/HP 5890A Keypad Display Assembly05890-60740
Agilent / HP 5890 Oven Exhaust Deflector19247-60510
Agilent / HP 5890 Oven Flap Assembly05890-80560
Agilent / HP 5890 Oven Heater Shroud Assembly – 120V05890-61615
Agilent / HP 5890 Oven Motor Assembly – 110V05890-67020



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